Just see what beauty can be made from the remnants of the fabric.

Practically everything can be decorated with such wonderful volumetric flowers from fabric: blouses, bags, hairpins, cards, gifts, lamps, cakes, etc. They look very elegant and festive, and are sewn from the remnants of unwanted fabric. Of course, it would be good to choose a fabric brighter and with a pattern - then the future flower will turn out really fabulous. It is not necessary to take the fabric of the same color - as it was said, in this flower you can collect several multi-colored petals that will look very unusual and interesting!

For work you will need:

  • fabric of different colors (pieces and residues of unwanted fabric are perfect);
  • thread with a needle to match;
  • big buttons;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun (for convenience, but you can use regular glue).

First, let's make a simple multicolored flower:

Cut the fabric into identical circles.Fold each circle in half (face out), then again in half. Begin to collect the bottom:

With the help of hot glue, we glue the petals to the back of the button (you can pre-do the lining for the back, for convenience and greater aesthetics):

Now we are trying to make a volumetric flower consisting of two layers. Due to this, it looks more voluminous and lush. We need only two types of fabric - monophonic and with a pattern (the shade of the two fabrics should be combined):

Repeat the previous steps: cut circles from a single-colored fabric, double fold in half and collect from the bottom. We do the same with fabric with a pattern, but here the circles should be 1.5–2 times larger in diameter.

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