It became known where Harry and Megan will spend their honeymoon

The lovers will go to the place where their feelings originated.

The story of Harry and Megan is amazing from the start. But did anyone think that it would be possible to meet the grandson of the Queen of England with friends? And what he decides to marry the simplest girl, not aristocratic?

Of course not! And therefore you should not be surprised at the honeymoon ... The lovers decided not to spend it on an island paradise, sipping cocktails, but on safari in Africa. Go to Namibia.

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It is curious that with Namibia, the young are associated with many memories. Moreover, it was in this country in South Africa that their feelings originated a year and a half ago ... Then the prince was to make an official visit to a hot continent, Megan also starred in the series and could fly on dates only on weekends.

So the prince took the first step, which he never regretted.Invited then still unfamiliar girl with him on a trip. This was their third date.

They spent a week in tents and tents in the open air, ate sandwiches, drank tea from a thermos, swam in the waterfalls, and returned from the trip as a couple.

The lovers still say that if it were not for Africa, they would never have had the opportunity to know each other. In addition, a mass of pleasant memories is connected with this country.

And therefore, in the honeymoon, free from numerous meetings and receptions, they will go there. Unless they decided to add more adrenaline to romance. And booked a truck safari for two.

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