Is loyalty appreciated

Age and dedication

Indeed, at 16, loyalty is valued more than a bag of gold. And it is quite explainable from the point of view of psychology. At this age, a teenager has a particularly keen desire to find friends in spirit, to become part of a social group, to express himself, etc.
After five to ten years, the need for loyalty does not decrease. A person also wants to have true friends. However, this devotion takes on a different shade. For example, it is possible that a person will not be offended due to the fact that one friend and another have discussed his personal life, in general, there is already an understanding that this is quite a common phenomenon for a society.
There are good friends, now it is required that the second half also adheres to the framework of loyalty: did not change, did not flirt, did not tell the left and to the right secrets and secrets. Devotion is the basis of relationships. The conclusion about its value is no longer asking for, and loudly collapses!

Devotion and belief

It’s one thing when a person waits for loyalty from those around him and tries to keep his promises.It’s another thing when you need to be committed to your principles.
Imagine you have a friend who is often in a bad mood. And all because he needs to be not completely honest with his clients. For example, he sells sports nutrition, which is not an example of quality, and even for fabulous money. The employee is hysterical, the situation in which he finds himself is unpleasant for him, but a dilemma arises: to find a new job or stay in the old place.
It turns out that in this situation, the further life of a person depends on loyalty by his convictions.
Another thing when a person can not be loyal to their interests. For example, he likes to write texts, he needs to try and achieve high results. But it doesn’t work out at all - will-power let down. And here the feeling of devotion calls for help conscience and unjustified expectations, and together they begin to gnaw at the consciousness of man. However, if the feeling of devotion is not so strongly developed, then there will be no consequences, in principle there will be nothing.
It is curious that the value of the feeling of devotion cannot be calculated, but the consequences can be imagined.The moral state of a person from betraying a feeling of devotion becomes far from positive. And what about those who are “lucky enough” to be devotees. Not everyone will be able to get back on their feet, force themselves to re-believe in other people.

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