Is it possible to drink eggs?

In the last century a dish called “eggnog” was very popular. He was not just done when he wanted to eat, but was even appointed weak and sick for a speedy recovery and accumulation of physical strength. This really tasty drink was prepared on the basis of raw eggs. And now doctors unanimously declare that it is dangerous to drink raw eggs! Of course, scientists know better, but let's try to figure out whether you can drink raw eggs, benefit from them or harm.


Yes, of course, the egg contains pure protein. In 100 g of its eggs more than 12 grams! This fact is very attractive bodybuilders who drink about 50 eggs per day. Even if we reject the tendency of modern people to various allergies, the benefits of so many eggs drunk can be argued. The human body does not know how to accumulate useful substances like a bear before winter. He takes as much as he needs at the moment, the rest goes. But the benefits of chicken protein can not be overestimated. It is really useful for children when they grow up, for adults, as a source of calcium, for expectant mothers for the full development of the fetus. But you can eat boiled eggs.But is it possible to drink raw eggs and what are their benefits - this is a question over which modern scientists and doctors argue. Eating raw eggs makes the hair shiny and lush, gives the face a beautiful color, strengthens the nails and teeth. All this is due not only to the presence of pure protein, but also a large number of trace elements and minerals. Sure, drinking raw eggs is helpful, but one at a time.


The answer to the question whether it is good to drink eggs is understandable. It is very useful. But in the modern world many dangers are connected with it. Chickens suffer from salmonellosis, bird flu, other diseases that birds did not know 50 years ago. Therefore, eating raw eggs, you can become infected with all these diseases. But we must remember that all these infections are on the shell, through which microbes and bacteria are very difficult to get inside. The egg can simply be washed with soap and the danger is reduced by several times! Fresh eggs can be drunk almost certainly. Also, village eggs are almost always harmless, the host eggs rarely suffer from salmonella. And the eggshell from the village is much stronger than the factory ones. But in factories, antibiotics are added to the food of chickens, which kill all dangerous contagion.Those who are interested in whether it is possible to drink quail eggs can answer that quails never get sick with salmonella, so their eggs are completely safe.

Who is not recommended to drink eggs

If an adult and healthy man drinks a couple of eggs from the factory, then even if they have salmonella bacteria, he will have nothing. His immunity is excellent with them. But for this very reason, due to unstable immunity, it is impossible to give raw store eggs to children, pregnant women and old people, as well as to people weakened by the disease. But the village, their own, clean eggs - please!

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