Is it hard to work as a merchandiser?

Who is a merchandiser

A merchandiser is an employee of the trade sphere, who is entrusted with a whole range of duties. Some people mistakenly believe that the correct placement of goods is the responsibility of this person in this profession.
In fact, this employee should regularly analyze the demand for a product, monitor the shelf life, and carry out promotional activities. Simply put, the merchandiser should maximize sales.
The administration of the stores prefers to recruit young people up to 25 years old to the position of a merchandiser. Such work is suitable for sociable individuals with creative kind, who like to communicate with different people.
Until now, in Russia, in no university do they prepare graduated merchandisers, there are only weekly courses in which they teach the basics of this profession. Firms employers from a variety of applicants prefer thosewho graduated or is studying at the Faculty of Economics.

What is the work of the merchandiser

Merchandiser does not post the goods at its discretion. He is given a ready-made layout plan, according to which he places the goods on the shelves. But to hide the fresher products in the depth of the shelves, displaying those that have an expiry date - this is what the merchandiser does at his discretion. But he is obliged to remove products with expired shelf life from shelves.
As they are laid out, this employee should monitor the presentation of the product, the integrity of the packaging, and ensure order on the shelves.
At the point of sale, where the work of the personnel is ideally placed, the display of the goods should be done by the employees of this outlet, and the control of the merchandiser is only the responsibility. Also, the merchandiser must control the balance of goods in stock, advertising and promotional materials.

How hard is it

It is difficult for someone to work as a merchandiser, and someone copes with his duties quite easily. This position implies that you have to spend the whole day in motion, constantly communicate with people and carry weights.
It is easiest to work as a merchandiser at one outlet, i.e. stationary. Such an employee is constantly in one place, without traveling. He is engaged in one outlet, is well acquainted with the staff of this store, knows the mentality of regular customers. Accordingly, he has a great opportunity to increase sales, which will affect the salary in a positive way.
It is much more difficult to service several outlets. Such a merchandiser is constantly on the road. Serving from 5 to 15 outlets per day. He may not have much in time, which will necessarily have a negative impact on the amount of his salary.

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