Inventions through which life will never be the same

There are so many convenient devices in our life that it seems it is impossible to invent anything new. But the designers who developed these things proved that it is not. It turns out there are many situations that can be made more pleasant and convenient. Watch and enjoy!

A sofa from which you can not get up in days

This is not just a bed, but a universal module that combines many functions. By purchasing this piece of furniture, you can save on the desktop, dresser and chairs.

Smart bed

Like a smart home. Only bed. Furniture that adapts to your mood will warm the mattress itself and replace the alarm clock. Just select the desired program.

Power Bank the size of a flash card

We had no time to rejoice that thanks to power banks we can charge your phone everywhere, this device also appears in such a convenient size! Now it is not at all necessary to stop talking or chatting on the network when your smartphone is dead. And it is not necessary to sit at the outlet either.

Mini iron for travel lovers

Such a thing can be taken with you, without fear of overload in baggage. It charges from the mains and heats up to a temperature of almost 150 degrees.

Folding sun glasses

They are easy to place even in the smallest handbag or just in your pocket. Thanks to the original design, they are much harder to break or break.

Universal stand for smartphone

Secure your favorite gadget almost anywhere, and enjoy a movie or a book. You can even mount the monitor to the back of the car.

Dimensionless belt

An indispensable thing after the holiday feast. Now it is not necessary to pierce a new hole on a belt, or to tighten it more tightly. The belt itself changes its dimensions if necessary.

Heated Mirror

Now neither steam nor moisture will hide your reflection. And no need to wipe the mirror with a towel, leaving stains on the glass.

Pasta with two ends

Or two beginnings? The main thing is that you no longer need to squeeze it out with all your might, or leave it on the walls of the tube. Savings in everything ... In addition to plastic caps.

Double sided lamp

Now you do not need to adapt to someone else's sleep and rest.Read at your pleasure, while the neighbor is sleeping sweetly. All hotels with double rooms are required to buy such a lamp!

Interactive piggy bank

A device for those who want to know exactly how much money he has saved. No need to keep anything in mind or write down. Piggy bank will count everything by itself. You can even set the amount to which the bank cannot be opened. That's just your savings will not be a surprise or a secret.

Original eaves for full protection from light

If both blackout curtains are placed on the same rail, some rays will penetrate between them. With this design, one curtain finds another overlap, and your sleep is under reliable protection.

Night light with mobile balls

Recharge them on the rack, and if necessary, just take with you.

Illuminated shower head

Cold water is blue and blue is red. For the gadget does not even need a charger, it is recharged from the water pressure.

Butterfly Keyboard

She not only has an incredible design, but also allows you to type in a natural position for the hands.

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