Interesting reception in design: a dull striped interior

Do not think that the stripes on the walls can only be done by professional workers. If you want to visually stretch a room and have the simplest skills to paint walls, follow these simple instructions.

You will need:

  • Building level;
  • ruler;
  • roulette;
  • pencil or chalk;
  • masking tape;
  • water based paint;
  • roller;
  • brush

Paint for such work is better to choose a water-soluble, because the other can leave uneven spots when working with paint tape. First, apply the base color on the wall and wait until it is completely dry. Next, apply the markup. For light tones, use chalk, for dark tones, use a simple pencil. Use the ruler and the construction level to ensure that all the strips are at an ideally right angle.

Next, paint tape is pasted. You should not try to replace it with a regular one - the base paint may come off with it.Stick the tape neatly, avoiding creases and the formation of bubbles.

After marking the walls with scotch tape, you can start painting. Apply paint in 2-3 coats with a roller. Adhesive tape should be removed when it is slightly frozen, but not completely dried.

Carefully remove the adhesive tape, so as not to cover the closed areas. Using a brush, correct the places where the defects were formed.

In this way, you can apply several colors to the wall at once. Use original ideas for inspiration and start repairing soon!

Horizontal stripes will help to visually expand the room and make it more spacious. For narrow elongated spaces, choose lanes of various widths. They will visually make the room more close to the square.

Vertical bands are recommended for rooms in which it is necessary to visually increase the height of ceilings. This solution is ideal for classic interiors.

Stripes can be a full wall decor. The principle of creating such a panel is the same as in ordinary painting.

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