Interesting cuffs with their own hands

First, a little of the history. A cuff is a female adornment that has the appearance of earrings, however, no piercing is necessary for their fasteners on the ears, since they are usually held by the bow behind the ear or with the help of special clips.

Fashion for cuffs appeared relatively recently, so it may well be that one of the girls does not know what this thing is. Although, most likely, the overwhelming majority have already met these amazing decorations, so it is not surprising that most fashionistas surf the Internet in search of options, where you can buy such things, and even better - how to make cuffs with your own hands?

Such jewelry can have the most extraordinary and unusual appearance, contain chains, stones, various figurines or other elements. No wonder they attract so much attention to themselves, because they can decorate both the ear itself, and the temporal part, and even hair.

But it turns out that those cuffs that we see in magazines and fashion shows of fashion designers are not at all the wonderful invention of our generation.

There is information that such earrings appeared in antiquity, usually they were cuffs with a bow behind the ear, which allowed the upper class of that time to wear heavy and bulky earrings made of gold and precious stones, without delaying the earlobe.

The following references to such unusual earrings appeared in ancient India, the elements of which are present in their traditional folk costumes. It was there that cuffs appeared, which have another way of fastening - to the hair, thereby decorating not only the ear, but also the hair.

Such jewelry was also popular in imperial Russia; they allowed royal women to wear large earrings studded with precious stones, some specimens of such earrings are kept in the diamond fund of Russia.

Cuffs had a stormy popularity in the 50s of the last century, and then in the 80s, when quite famous brands were engaged in the production of such jewelry on a regular basis.

If we draw an analogy, then modern fashion designers are eager to use the ideas of our ancestors, which is very much reflected in modern jewelry.

And skillful women of fashion who love to experiment, do a good job with their own hands to create amazing cuff earrings based on fashion trends of designers.


If you decide to tackle such needlework, then, first you need to decide which kuffs you would like. After all, there are more gentle options - with beads and curls, as well as more fatal models, which are studded with lots of stones and chains.

Since you, most likely, have never been involved in creating cuffs with your own hands, we will try to consider the most simple, but, nevertheless, interesting options.

Imitating puncture in the lobe, decorated with beads

In order for the creation of the cuff to be successful, we need some tools - 1 mm thick wire, round pliers, wire cutters and a few beads. Have patience, do all the necessary manipulations slowly and carefully and, then, everything will necessarily work out.

We string a bead on a wire, then, using round pliers, we bend the tip of the wire into a small ring, with a diameter of no more than 6-7 mm, the tip can be bent again, creating a small curl.

After that, we apply the wire to the ruler and, starting from the curl, measure 1.5 cm and make a bend, holding the wire parallel to the part with the curl.From the curl lay in the other direction another 1.5 cm and bend the wire in the opposite direction.

Thus we have prepared a place for clamping. Please note that the wire should not be broken anywhere.

After this, we make a couple of similar wave-like bends, but already of a shorter length - approximately 1 cm. We bring our bead to this place and fix it with wire so that it does not move, cut off the wire.

The place where we set aside 1.5 sms of each side of the curl, we bend the wire, like legs, inwards to get a clip, which will be attached to the ear. That's all ready! This is a fairly simple kuff that should not make you work for a long time. It is better if you make them in a pair, on both ears.

Decorated with stones and chain

In order to make such cuffs, you will need stones of different shapes, cardboard and a small chain. The cardboard is cut under the shape of the ear so that it can be put on it like a bow.

You can make it in the form of an elvish ear, for example. You can choose pebbles for your color and taste, most importantly decide what pattern you want to lay out, and starting from this, get the pebbles you need.

You can use large, pointed black stones with which you will decorate the top of the cardboard, imitating the sharp ear of an elf, and glue the other part of the rhinestone to the place where the bee should be.

All the rest of the space can be filled with small translucent rhinestones, different shapes can be, but preferably in a strict order to get a certain pattern.

After the eyelet is ready, carefully cut the cardboard in places where it looks a little, this can be, because the stones are all different sizes. Then we attach the chain - at the top and bottom of the earring, it is fastened with special clips.

As you can see, nothing complicated, but original and interesting jewelry will obviously surprise others. There are more complicated lessons that tell how you can make cuffs decorated with feathers, which, by the way, quickly began to gain popularity, especially among young people.

After all, feathers are an amazing material that allows you to make an image both romantic, glamorous, fatal, and maybe even mysterious.

There are even ways that allow you to make cuffs out of paper clips with your own hands.The thickness of the usual paper clip is great for such decorations, and special wire on hand may not be.

To do this, you need to straighten the clip and already from it to make another creation. For the convenience of creating clips and various curls, you can use a regular marker or a round pen, around which you can wind the wire.

It is also worth noting that the creation of cuffs, especially complicated modifications, which can consist of two layers of wire, for example, like a treble clef, can show difficult, and the wire, when you try to twist it, can break and burst.

To prevent this, it is better to practice on thinner wires in order to acquire a certain skill, and only then go to the standard ones.

So, try and experiment, in order that the fantasy is not exhausted, you can rely on the creations of famous designers, there fantasies - there is no end, in their collections you can find the most original and unusual creations. This year especially popular will be cuffs, which depict animal figurines, also cuffs with lots of stones and chains.

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