Instruction: cleaning after the holiday

The main task of any hostess after a noisy holiday is to bring the apartment to its original state. Our tips will help you cope with the effects of New Year's fun.
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Get rid of the Christmas tree

Not the most pleasant occupation, because the main New Year symbol is also the main peddler of needles throughout the apartment. We hope you have rolled up all the carpets before the holiday and now your spruce will drop pine needles to the floor on the way to the front door. After the tree goes straight to the stairwell, you will have to thoroughly vacuum the floor - other means like a wet mop or a broom will not cope with needles stuck, for example, between parquet boards or under a plinth.

Wash the dishes again

Even if on January 1 you washed your favorite set, glasses and glasses, check the festive tableware again. Perhaps immediately after the holiday you were not so sharp-sighted and attentive, and there could easily be grease stains on the dishes. Turn the plate over - they are there! If you do not touch them until the next celebration - the spots will turn yellow, and it will be practically impossible to wipe them off.Therefore, we collect the will into a fist, take out the plates and once again carefully wash them manually.

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