Instagram protect dimples on hips

Instagram continues to fight off complexes. This time, fitness bloggers are uploading pictures with the hashtag #hipdips, urging to love their "dimples on the hips," which - as it turned out - many girls are very shy. Small depressions they consider an insulting disadvantage and in the struggle for the figure of their dreams they fight with him in every possible way (some even sports are not limited, but pumped fat to level the thigh line).

“There is nothing criminal here. Many women have this type of hip, says fitness coach Kelly-Marie Bakewell. - Do not carp at yourself so much! As you can see, this area is practically devoid of muscles, and therefore there is nothing special to pump over here! Doing exercises for abduction of the thigh in this case is ineffective, because the gluteus maximus is not so “meaty”. If the problem is overweight, exercise will improve the situation, but again, if those extra pounds are not due to genetics. So drop everything and be proud of yourself! ”

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The hashtag #hipdips can already find more than 2,000 photos, as well as comments.

“The gloss is glorifying the perfect proportions of the body,” writes the girl under the name @jenneydoll “But I realized that I would never achieve an hourglass shape, because I have a hip with pits like a violin (and this is with a rather heavy bottom). And although there is nothing bad in it, I cannot rejoice at this particular feature. What to do, it remains to accept ourselves as I am, and learn to love our shortcomings, because this is our uniqueness. ”

“I learned that dimpled thighs or violin thighs are cool! - adds @paulagoestobrizzle. - There is, it turns out, this type of figure. I spent my whole life in pursuit of perfectly defined hips, but the point is in the structure of the bones. And diet or fitness here are powerless.

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