Insolent neighbors who have expanded the balcony

  • Audacity second happiness(

  • alina

    porch-teremok like the rest to buy a large living space separately

    • Anonymous

      Porch Teremok is in Chelyabinsk. itself saw)

      • Anonymous

        On what street did this teremok not see?

      • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        No. it is in Perm in m / r Parkovy

    • Anonymous

      Porch "Teremok" is on the street Lelyuha in the city of Berdsk, Novosibirsk region. It is located there optics. I live in the next house.

  • Anonymous

    I am amazed how such an administration admits ?! These are residential buildings, not private ones. Shock!

  • Minor (I ball was rawt)

    Why arrogant? What's wrong with that? If they can, what's stopping them from doing this? In addition, it is clear that people are not stupid, which means that everything is OK with the documentation. Commentators above suck my bolt

    • Sergei

      the documentation can not be all OK .. little need to know the housing legislation and building codes .. More than half of the image shown in the pictures is illegal .. Just people are too lazy to sue .. And the municipal dwellers and the courts need someone who will file a claim.And you there with your perverted fantasies about oral sexual intercourse can perform it yourself in relation to yourself ..

    • Anonymous

      Suck it yourself, you do not get used. Because if there is no permission for such a shit, but it cannot be, then this is a samostroy and is subject to demolition at the expense of the one who has built it.

    • Jockey

      In the krytke, you would suck at me in five minutes just behind you the gate slammed. And then in the cock angle.

    • big wow

      I will build an oooohighest balcony over your windows so that I can see the sun in the sun. and I will be built by Jamshut. when you collect bulls under the balconies, my balcony will fall on your shoulders))) chuchundra.

    • Andrei

      Suck you through life with this argument.

    • Anonymous

      suck it yourself and the design is designed for certain loads on the panels of a residential house and the time will come this house will form like cards in a row who will then be responsible for people's lives

    • Anonymous

      Why suck then, since you are small!

    • Big

      Wrap your gadget somewhere. schoolgirl.

  • Peter Peter

    Minor, you're obviously the same moron! If everyone does whatever they want, regardless of their neighbors, then there will be chaos.

  • Anonymous

    Apartments in the property, and the house common property and all the "completion" should be done only with the consent of the residents on the basis of the protocol of the general meeting

  • Konstantin

    The 10th photo is full of seams, if you don't use photoshop, of course. A couple of competent statements from neighbors and through the court will be obliged to carry this horror. If not already demolished. About permissions to such a paragraph is ridiculous. Filament such coop does not agree, especially with changes in load-bearing walls. In addition to the porch tower, he is really, very cute. And apparently no threat to the residents does not create.

  • a guest

    In general, people were blown away

  • Anonymous

    At 3 photos, not even a balcony. It's in my city, and this is an optics…

  • Anonymous

    in the first picture no one sees the swastika? )))

  • http://travel-online-market.ruNatalia

    and then they will show in the news how it has fallen on passersby

  • Anonymous

    Some really a masterpiece! Teremok, the transition, well, a few more ... There is money, and you can expand! And some are just ugly and dangerous, and not only for the neighbors !!!

  • Anonymous

    Builders, there is something to think about ... ...

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and how do people live, whose balcony is above the apartment, on the roof? Why is it there,? How is it located? Photo2

  • Anonymous

    The third bottom is completely chicken coop. How is this craftsman not afraid to attack him?

  • Anonymous

    young people are very good

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    and some are similar to Photoshop ..

  • Yes, this is simply impossible.

  • Anton Panfilenko

    In the fourth photo below is a bust. This is not a balcony, but a real room, and maybe two, and even more so built on the 5th floor of the Khrushchev street. It is hard to believe that he will last so long - at any moment he may fall and the consequences will be tragic. Another puzzling balcony on the 6th photo. Apparently it performs more decorative function than practical.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the built-in small balcony in the corner of two houses. There are flowers.

  • Anonymous

    in Tuapse look

  • Anonymous

    In all the toad is to blame

  • Alexander

    This is a documentary evidence of the presence of corruption in our country.

  • Anonymous

    Well, porn, Russian moron

  • Elena

    The presented architectural "masterpieces" are evidence of the legal ignorance of the population and indifference living in these houses. Some designs can simply bring down the facade of the house. Everyone should know that without the consent of all the owners of the house, and the neighbors above and below, in the first place, no manipulations with balconies and facades are illegal and any owner will easily challenge them in court. The design will oblige disassemble.You need to be more active and not wait for the wall to be piled up.

  • Anonymous

    ... in a similar situation, I lost the court .. The judge motivated her decision that my comfort of living was not violated .. I think the decision was made for a bribe !!

  • Vadim

    If it does not violate the bearing capacity of the structure. Such delights should be agreed with the chief architect of the city.

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