Incredibly beautiful hats for little princesses

Spring is a great time of the year. That's just the cold and the wind, unfortunately no one has yet canceled. And every little girl should go for a walk in a warm and cozy hat. And in order that she put on her headdress not only by her mother's pointer, she should like the hat. And here are a few ideas on how to connect this.

Little owl

A square-shaped cap with huge eyes and a beak will turn a girl into an inquisitive owlet. Owl - a symbol of wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge. The little cap is suitable for a small why.

Wagged her tail ...

If the mention of the mouse does not cause the girl to jump on a chair higher, offer her a nice hat with round ears. You can add pink or gray yarn to the inside of the ears.

Lisa Patrikeevna

The principle is the same as the mouse. But the ears must have a sharper and more rigid form. The threads in the orange scale will leave no doubt as to who exactly is in front of you.

Cute kitty

Ears on the hat, and the pattern of the mustache and spout on the snitch. These items work as a set.

Bring me deer!

For the most original little fashionistas. If a girl loves nature and wild animals, tie soft horns for her hat. Stuff them with cotton or wool.

White bear cubs

The simplest hat or cap, can turn a child into a small bear, if you sew on the pretty round ears on top.

Fairy Unicorn

Here you need a twisted horn, and elegant long ears. The role of the mane will play a magnificent fringe.

Classical forms

Not all girls want to look funny. Some will prefer a fashionable hat like a mom's. And it is not necessary to perform it in pink colors.

Romantic look will give a large crocheted flowers.

You can make such a flower in the form of a brooch, and pin it up on different hats and scarves.

To the child wore his hat with pleasure, invite him to participate in the selection of models. Trust the taste of your baby, and the hat will be her favorite accessory. That thing that the girl chooses herself, she will most likely be happy to wear more than one season.

For children's things, choose the softest threads. Even a very beautiful baby hat will be uncomfortable to wear if the yarn is pricked.

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