In which interiors is wooden furniture with brutal character appropriate?

The more difficult life is, the higher its pace, the more intricate the dialogues and events, the more people are drawn to simplicity. And this is reflected, first of all, in the popularity of laconic interiors and primitive decoration of objects.

Favorite trends - furniture made of natural wood, because thanks to the beauty of the natural structure and a palette of unique shades, it can be unique and accept images that are appropriate in different style interiors.

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The leadership in the use of brutal-looking furniture captured, of course, the loft. The industrial spirit of the space is well supported by massive wooden objects that resemble handicrafts made from roughly treated boards.

Often, direct forms are underlined by metal frames, which seem to draw the outlines of furniture against brick or concrete walls.

Another decoration technique is the inscription on the facades imitating the warehouse or factory marking of the container.

A strong impression is made by the furniture, as if made of improvised means: a wooden pallet, which is used in warehousing and transportation of goods, and the wheel frame of the trolley.

Second place in the struggle for the brutal furniture won the country style. Interiors with a simple rustic character willingly take unpretentious in form objects. Here, the furniture may not retain the natural shade of wood, and be painted, but always in soothing colors. The stiffness of the configurations is softened, for example, by the small parts of the back of a chair arranged at a small angle, the cover on the pantry glass, the print on the drawers, etc.

In the top three, there was also a kind of country direction that managed to achieve autonomy, the Provence style. Here, wooden furniture is always relevant. True, the contours of primitive squares and rectangles are softened due to easy rounding at the corners and adding details of more refined shapes. Provence palette of shades of white and pastel colors also works onfeeling of smoothness, soft lines. Notes of tenderness and romance add floral ornaments to the brutal scale.

If we talk about the functionality of the rooms where primitive-looking furniture is appropriate, it is not limited. Items made of wood and metal serve equally well in the hallway and bedroom, living room and kitchen. They can delicately enter even the ensemble of a nursery or boudoir, if they become the backdrop for funny toys and cute female knick-knacks.

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