In just one evening the craftsman embodied her old dream. You can not imagine what she did!

In 1968, designers from Italy Francisco Teodoro, Cesare Paolini and Piero Gatti decided to challenge the furniture industry by building something completely different from ordinary boringarmchairs and sofas

They invented to fill the PVC bag with water. The innovative idea appealed to industrialist Aurelio Zanotta, who suggested replacing the film with a soft cloth, and water withfoam filler. The thing turned out to be so simple and ingenious at the same time that it immediately became megapopular.

frameless bean bag

As soon asbag chairthey do not call: bob-armchair, pear-armchair, frameless armchair, Big Ben, pillow seat ... Its essence remains unchanged - to give comfort. With instruction from"With Your Hands"You can easily get it by stitching it yourself!

frameless bean bag

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