In Italy, they want to enter the ICP vacation

It seems that the dream of lying in “these days” in bed can become a reality, at least for Italian women! They put forward for consideration a bill on the provision of a monthly three-day leave for employees who experience discomfort during menstruation. A similar law is already in force in Japan and South Korea, where companies offer women the opportunity to take a paid short-term holiday.

In Italy, they want to enter the ICP vacation

It would seem that dreams come true? But no, already at the stage of consideration the bill had more opponents than supporters, and among women. Because if you discard the wonderful opportunity once a month to enjoy a box of sweets for watching your favorite TV series and dig deeper, a much more global problem pops up. Namely, the bill will strike at the already shaky equality, when hiring women will become less priority employees in comparison with men.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:36 / Views: 74561

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