Ideas for home with Ytong aerated concrete blocks

We all know that a gift that is made with your own hands is valued much more than a gift purchased from a store. Handmade is now at the peak of popularity, and online stores, as well as regular ones, also include handicrafts in the list of their goods. This also applies to the home interior, because it is much more pleasant to be in a native cozy nest, in which all the details are imbued with their own history, because we put the soul in our handmade objects. And this we are not talking about significant savings.

Ytong blocks

Materials for creativity can be very diverse, today we will talk about such an interesting building material as. With their help, you can fulfill any creative idea that is only able to visit your bright head. Since This material is easy to process. And yet, aerated concrete does not contain harmful substances that can adversely affect health, and the material itself is still quite inexpensive.

So what can be done from? It can be a variety of objects - ranging from sculptures and figurines and ending with the original architectural forms for home and garden.

This kind of creation of items is also perfect for beginning sculptors of the youngest ages. The creation of beautiful and original ornaments for the facade of your house will also be an interesting application of this aerated concrete. And the time spent on the creation of sculptures will be many times less in comparison with other materials made of stone. The main thing when working with this material is to use special safety glasses, as well as gloves.

Ytong blocks

In addition, if you have planned to repair or build a house, the Ytong aerated concrete blocks are perfect as partitions and interior walls. Their thickness will depend on the future project of the building itself. are installed on the leveling layer of the overlapping structure and on the layer of the film or roofing material. After finishing the laying, the block joint is filled with a selected elastic material or simply with foam. The same partitions and internal walls with a carrier are connected using metal connectors attached during the construction of the supporting walls.

Ytong blocks are great for all types of partitions and interior walls, because they are easy to cut and create holes for outlets and have excellent fire resistance and will significantly reduce your household budget waste.

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