How wives change

If a woman gets married and becomes happy in her family life, she feels inspired. Her face is illuminated by a bright, infectious smile, the girl begins to more carefully monitor her appearance, changing her wardrobe, visiting beauty salons, doing manicures, pedicures and styling more often. Some representatives of the weaker sex are enrolled in fitness clubs, make visits to the beautician and massage therapist.
In addition to external changes, a happy woman changes her behavior. She becomes a faithful, obedient and devoted wife, surrounds the attention and care of her beloved man. Girls learn to cook, constantly improving their culinary skills, trying to create a cozy family atmosphere in the house. The representatives of the weaker sex subconsciously prepare for the birth of a child, they have a maternal instinct, which they throw out on their beloved spouse before the baby is born.
If, however, after entering into legal marriage, a woman does not feel happy, having chosen the wrong man for her husband, she gradually begins to fade away.Her mood is always ruined by something, she is on the verge of collapse, suffering from depression and stress. Some representatives of the weaker sex cease to take care of themselves, become locked in their own thoughts, refuse to communicate with friends and old acquaintances.
In addition, the behavior of the wife can change after committing adultery. In such cases, the girls cease to pay due attention to the husband, limit his access to the means of communication and his personal space. They are often delayed at work or begin to spend time in the company of friends with whom you were not familiar. Her appearance is undergoing positive changes, the mood can change dramatically. Your wife may return home from a walk in a suspiciously elevated mood, however, your every word or remark will cause her a storm of negative emotions and lead to scandal. Your spouse may suddenly have urgent cases that she will not tell you about. Calls will be received on her phone, which she will drop if at this moment you spend time together.Delays at work, new gifts, a change in social circle, closed access to social networks, a laptop, a phone, and unforeseen expenses — all these become signs of female treason.

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