How to write an order?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
January 18, 2013
How to write an order?

As a rule, the organization has a secretary-clerk who writes orders. But in small offices there is none, and the director keeps all the documents on his own. Therefore, questions arise as to how to write an order.

A cap

Studying how to write an order, you need to remember a few rules. This is a document according to which not only reception and dismissal of employees takes place, but also financial movements: payment of salaries, bonuses, purchase of equipment, advertising and much more. This means that you must write it competently from beginning to end. In the header of the document, on the top line in the middle, the full name of the organization is written. For example: Limited Liability Company "Flight" or "Individual Entrepreneur Vetrov Ivan Ivanovich".

Next in the header is the order number, also in the middle, but two lines below. Often after the number put the letters that indicate the scope of work, which sent the order. For example, the order to leave or time off is marked with the letter “LS”, it looks like this: No. 12-HP, that is, by personnel.Orders for production are marked with the letter P, for payments with the letter F. Letters may not be placed, but the number must be required!

Next, in the cap on the left, put the number and topic of the order. First, "12/12/12," and on the next line: "On the payment of the New Year award."

Order text

The order itself must be laid down in a free form in a business-like, dry style, without lyrics and emotions. For example: “In accordance with the decision of the meeting of founders dated December 11, 12 and the provision on bonuses, I order: 1. To pay a premium for each employee for the year in the amount of three monthly salaries; 2. Accounting to make accruals and non-cash payments to bank accounts of employees; Familiarize with the decision of the founders of all employees of LLC "Flight". "


Further, the line below is the director’s signature and his full position. Then, under the order must sign all who are involved in the execution of its points. In our case, this is accounting and all those who receive the award. The position is put, then there is a signature and a number (written by employees with a pen), as well as a transcript of the signature.

That's the whole story about how to write an order. A sample of it can be viewed here:

We should also tell about how to write an order for appointment, dismissal, transfer, etc. The forms of these orders are in 1C Accounting, as well as the form of staffing. Checks at the moment require adhere to them.

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