How to wear tight jeans

Evaluate your body shape and decide whether to wear skinny jeans or skinny. Do not forget that the stressed legs always attract attention. Take time to create your entire image to look spectacular and at ease. Those who have the shape of the legs are far from ideal and are overweight, in such jeans will be simply uncomfortable. Switch your attention to other styles of jeans, do not follow the fashion with eyes closed.
Match your tight jeans to tight jeans. These pants are quite versatile, they can be worn on weekdays and on holidays. Openwork tunics, softly draped chiffon and silk blazers and dresses are perfect for evening and festive events. The feminine image and the corresponding ensembles are always the current trend in fashion.
Pay attention to the spacious tunics, shirts, as well as jacket and fitted raincoats and coats. Give preference to natural, good-quality materials. Get short jackets trapezoidal shape that will allow you to diversify the wardrobe.All these things are perfectly combined with narrow jeans and look great with platform shoes and wedges, which is especially important in wet weather.
In addition, do not forget about accessories: belts, bags, glasses, hats, etc. All the details of your image should be in harmony and match each other.
When wearing tight jeans be sure to note that if they are too narrow for you, it will disrupt the normal blood circulation in the pelvic region and genitals and will provoke edema. Narrow-cut jeans put pressure on nerves that cause tingling and burning in the legs.
Choose the right size jeans. Otherwise, they will rub you and cause many unpleasant infections. In addition, too tight jeans, especially from various mixed fibers, can cause cellulite, because deprive the cells of oxygen and disrupt the regeneration processes not only in the skin, but also in the muscle and bone tissue.
Think about the fact that skinny jeans put pressure on the internal organs, which is the most negative impact on reproductive function. In combination with cold wet weather, constant pressure leads to overcooling of organs, and this, in turn, is fraught with the acquisition of diseases of the kidneys and the genitourinary system,leading to sad consequences. So dress warmer and give preference to waterproof shoes, warm jeans and a warm long �top�.

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