How to wear a cage today? 5 fashionable images with ornaments

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

Acquainted with the history of fashion, you come to the conclusion that the cell is a privileged print that has always pursued luck. The cage was worn by pious monarchs and British punks, romantic French women and reckless Irish, and she still has an unshakable print reputation that suits absolutely everyone. Recall even your personal history with the cell: for the first time you met her in junior high school and still maintain a warm relationship with her, because in adult collections of clothing there are an incredible amount of cell in all its varieties - Scottish cell, glenchek, gingham and many others, created with the help of creative approach and computer technologies.
What will be the next page of our novel with the cage this time? Here are the 5 most popular things in the cage of this season.

Image number 1: skirt in a cage

That same skirt in a cage, especially with zapAH or flounces, will definitely remind you of your school years. In this piece of clothing there is something really childishly sincere and infantile, and it seems to us that you do not need to get rid of this impression - on the contrary, "rejuvenate" your wardrobe with the help of a skirt in a cage, a ridiculous swiss book with a print, a new pair sneakers and teenage jewelry.

How to wear a cage today? 5 fashionable images with ornaments

Veronica Beard Check Skirt (£ 238)SL suspension, silver, cubic zirconias (to order)Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt (€ 155)Corso Como sneakers (7 800 rub.)

Image number 2: jacket in a cage

The classic of the genre, which managed to occupy itself with streetstyle reviews, since the hyper-popular brand Balenciaga released its variant of a gray jacket in a thin cage with a mesh. We found one of the interpretations of the same jacket from a democratic brand and, according to all the laws of street style, added floral prints (too many of them at Balenciaga!), A relaxed pair of jeans and ankle boots from velvet.

How to wear a cage today? 5 fashionable images with ornaments

Jacket Stradivarius (2 999 rub.)Isabel Marant blouse (£ 167)Zara jeans (4 299 rub.)bracelet SL, silver, garnet (order)Velvet Ankle Boots New Look (1 290 rub. on discount)

Image number 3: trousers in a cage

The symbol of nobility and revolutionary impulses, a black and red cell in the XX century was noted as a cult print in the era of punk and grunge.And since it is accompanied by such an informal veil, one can continue experiments and mix the cell with the strip, with other types of cell and try new and new combinations.

How to wear a cage today? 5 fashionable images with ornaments

Pull and Bear Checked Pants (999 rub. On discount)M.i.h Jeans shirt (€ 158)H & M ballet flats (1 599 rub.)ring SL, silver (order)

Image number 4: dress in a cage

The cage is not only official, but also a formal print, because it is also used for uniforms. If in school, the cell was worn by exceptionally good girls, now there are also checkered dresses for the “bad” - in the mini format and with a V-shaped cut. While the cold will not go away, we put on this with boots, and a little later - with short boots, as in the last show of Saint Laurent.

How to wear a cage today? 5 fashionable images with ornaments

Dress in a cage Bershka (3 999 rub.)earrings SL, silver (order)ankle boots Uterque (14 990 rub.)

Image No. 5: Checked trouser suit

If such a suit were not found in the depths of a well-known mass-market brand, then it would urgently need to be invented or even sewn to order. A trouser suit in a resume generally has some advantages, and if there is also a cell, then you have the best candidate. It remains only to decide how to beat him - like a man or a woman: with high heels or comfortable loafers on a flat sole.By the way, for both options it is suitable to beat the accessory line with humor - with large colored decorations, as in the shows Gucci.

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