How to visually enlarge the lips

If you need to add volume to your lips, do not use lipstick of dark shades. Should choose a light and calm tone. On top of lipstick you need to apply gloss, placing it in the center of the lips, and the gloss should be chosen more saturated color.
If it is necessary to increase the volume effect, then a little reflective powder should be applied in the hollow over the upper lip and then a thin contour with a white pencil should be used so that the contour is slightly wider than natural. Now you can cover your lips with a bright shade lipstick.
You can use a pencil and light beige shade. This pencil should be neatly cut around the contour of the lips, then make up their lipstick and cover with a transparent gloss on top.
If the lips are very thin, you can do the following: circle the lips with a pencil of a natural color a little wider than their natural contour, but you should not trace the hollow over the upper lip. This technique will help visually add volume to thin lips.
You can also circle a pencil.Close in color to the natural color of the lips, contours along the edges of the mouth. The center of the lips should not be touched. Now you need to take a contour pencil of a light brown shade and draw a line under the lower lip, then shade it well. After that, you can apply your favorite lipstick.

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