How to use Acronis?

Acronis developer company is developing products for home and corporate users in terms of system solutions. The Acronis disk is a software package that allows you to conveniently and efficiently work with hard disks without losing data, namely: recover deleted and damaged partitions, copy, resize, manage downloads, edit contents and much more. In this article we will take a closer look at how to use acronis programs using the example of the two most popular products of this company.

Acronis True Image Home

This program is designed to backup any data. This package fully protects, and in case of loss allows you to quickly restore any file. With this program you can easily and quickly create copies for the hard disk, as well as determine the purpose of archiving.

The advantages of this program:

  • Quickly copy and restore personal files and settings on your PC.
  • Data protection is continuous, the program automatically, every five minutes, creates copies of archived information.
  • Friendly interface is adapted for both experienced and novice users.
  • The online archiving service allows you to copy important files to an accessible and secure server on the Internet.

In this section, we review the latest version of the acronis true image. How to use this application after installing the program on your PC - let's look in more detail:

  • After starting the program, you must go to the main window. If you want to create an archive copy from your disk, all you have to do is click “archive” and the program will create a copy on another disk in the folder “My backup copies”.
  • You can also change the storage location of the archived data using the “operations” button and choose to change the backup settings.
  • This program allows you to select manually, by selecting, the necessary partitions and disks to copy. For this you need to tick the necessary sections.
  • To find a previously created copy, simply press the “search for backup” button, after which Acronis will tell you its location.
  • If you want to restore the Windows state at the time of the backup, you need to select your archive in backups and click the "restore" button.After this, a mandatory reboot of your PC will occur, after which the OS will return to its previous stable state.
  • When analyzing how to use Acronis, you should not forget an important function - recovery of the OS at boot. If you have problems starting your PC due to OS damage, then you need to first start acronis true image by pressing the F11 button, enter the program and deploy the previously created OS image and insert it into the damaged one.

Acronis Disk Director Suite

This program is a powerful tool, in the form of a comprehensive software package, which contains the partition manager, the toolkit that allows you to edit entries and the Acronis Disk boot manager. How to use this tool if you are an inexperienced user? On this issue, do not worry, as the simple and intuitive interface of the program will be understandable for any beginner.

Using Acronis Disk, you can perform the following actions:

  • create and delete partitions;
  • copy and move their contents;
  • do not fear for the safety of the system to convert partitions;
  • change the location and parameters of previously created sections;
  • recover files deleted by mistake;
  • hide, format, assign letters and status to different sections;
  • make a copy of the existing OS, as well as create the necessary configuration;
  • install several OS in one section;
  • hide information from outsiders by setting a password to launch it;
  • recover lost files and folders;
  • Download installed OS from any partition and disk;
  • remove code belonging to viruses.

Let's take a closer look at the Acronis disk director, how to use this program after installing it on your computer:

  • After the first launch of the program through the “Start” menu, a window will appear on the screen where you will be asked to select the interface mode. Remember that choosing "automatic" - some of the settings will be hidden, which is not observed in the "manual" mode.
  • Partitioning is done through the “master”, where you can choose to create it at the expense of free space on the hard disk, or by reducing existing partitions. You will need to select the disk and size of the partition being created, as well as assign a letter.
  • Increasing the space of the required partition is performed using the "wizard", where an increase in free space is selected.Here you need to specify the section that needs to be increased and the other, due to which this operation will be performed.
  • Moving is done by right-clicking on the section that you want to move and select the required action “move”, and then indicate the future location.
  • To copy partitions you need to make a process similar to moving, only without deleting the partition.

In this article, we have reviewed the main most frequently performed operations in these programs.

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