How to understand how you look

Neatness and grooming - the basis of an attractive appearance

Honestly answer the question: are your clothes, shoes and hairstyle always in proper condition? Imperceptible at first glance "little things" like a loosely sewn button, spots on a blouse, not too clean hair or a slightly peeling varnish actually catch the eye and can ruin the impression of others about you.
And, on the contrary, well-groomed appearance and clean clothes can help to make a pleasant impression, despite the errors in the composition of the wardrobe.

Learn your features

Soberly and objectively, if possible, try to assess the type of your figure. Any, the most immaculate in terms of color combination and accessories selection, a dress not worn on “his” figure, will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
Determine the color type of your appearance. If you have any difficulties with this, you should consult a stylist. The fact is that the color type is the very basis of your image, which you will be guided by, choosing the color scheme of your wardrobe.Properly chosen colors in clothes will emphasize your natural virtues, and the colors, which are contraindicated to your color type, will reduce your efforts to look perfect;

Look around

Certainly, it will help to assess and correct your style of dressing the viewing of fashion magazines and TV shows, like “Fashion sentence”. Tips that give stylists are sometimes very useful.
But you will get no less useful information just by looking around and seeing how people dress and look who walk the streets of your city. Armed with the advice of stylists, you can already determine what you would like to try to apply from what you saw and what is totally unacceptable for you.
By the way, it is useful to look not only at people, but also at your own reflection in shop windows and other mirror surfaces. This will help you to objectively assess your gait, posture, manner of holding. Believe me, you will get a better impression of your appearance, rather than studying your image at home in the mirror. After all, it is no secret that everyone poses a little before the mirror, they try to take a more advantageous position, they look at the reflection in the most advantageous perspective.Here you will see yourself "in the field conditions", without embellishment.

Ask for advice

And, of course, not superfluous opinion from the outside. Talk to a friend whose opinion and taste you trust. Ask her to objectively evaluate your appearance, point out the flaws that are noticeable to her. Of course, for such a conversation you will have to be bold and patient: perhaps her words will not be pleasant to you. Do not be offended! Convince yourself that by criticizing you, she is doing you a favor, making sure that you look more attractive. Isn't this what real friends are for ?!
And the most correct, perhaps, would be to consult a professional stylist. Together with a specialist, you can work on your own image most effectively.

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