How to treat elevated hemoglobin

Everyone knows that low hemoglobin is evidence of a disease like anemia. And high rates are due to hypoxia, that is, lack of oxygen. As a rule, residents of large cities, people with alcoholism, and smokers suffer from this disease. Sometimes people suffer from this disease due to a genetic predisposition.
Due to hypoxia, the body is forced to produce more hemoglobin so that it “searches” for oxygen, then delivering it to the cells.Elevated hemoglobin"Makes" the blood more viscous, it flows more slowly. As a result, blood clots can form, therefore, the level of this indicator in the blood should be lowered as soon as possible.
You should start with a diet, discuss it with your doctor. Emphasis should be placed on reducing the consumption of animal proteins, since part of the hemoglobin is synthesized from them. That is, from the diet should be removed red meat, kidneys, liver.
It is also necessary to reduce the consumption of animal fats, such as butter. It is better to eat boiled foods, it is a guarantee that part of the fat went into the water in which they were boiled. The lack of protein in food can be compensated by the consumption of legumes and chicken meat. It should be noted and the benefits of fish and seafood. They contain a huge amount of fatty polyunsaturated acids. At their expense, blood will become less viscous.
During the treatment period, it is worthwhile to protect oneself from the consumption of vitamins C, B2, B6, folic acid and copper.

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