How to travel by car?

Today, more and more tourists decide to go on a trip by car. Such a trip has a lot of undoubted advantages: the opportunity to save on tickets, independently plan a route and see exactly what is interesting, the presence of a trunk where all the necessary things fit.
However, of course, the trip must be thought out and well planned. First of all, you need to book hostels metro Novokuznetsk. Accordingly, you must check the serviceability of the vehicle. The composition of the crew is important: there should be no more than four people in the car, at least two of them should be experienced drivers. If passengers are more, the level of comfort will be significantly reduced.
When thinking about the route and calculating the time for the road, it is worth to allocate one day to rest or possible force majeure. Be sure to take into account the speed limits in the country where the road lies. Fines for speeding in Europe are 150 euros, so, as the saying goes, the quieter you go, the farther you get.
An important stage - the collection of things.It is necessary to take clothes and personal hygiene items. All this is packaged in clean packages. Do not take too much luggage, because something can be purchased already at the place of rest. It is best to choose things that are comfortable in everyday wear. In the car must be a first aid kit, and it should be adapted for the needs of all passengers.
You need to stock up on food and drinking water, because snacking in suburban cafes is often unsafe. Food should be in an accessible place and separately from other things. Calculating the number of bottles of water, you need to understand that you can buy it on the way, so you should not take too many of them.
Important is the so-called automobile baggage. This spare tire, cable, minimum number of tools, engine oil and other necessary things for the normal functioning of the car. Fits all this set into the trunk.
Finally, you should take care of the availability of the necessary set of documents. It is better to take with you something extra, than to be forced to return home, and having failed to cross the border.
But the apartments of the Metro Business Center will be a great place for your overnight stay.
This is the most important nuances that need to be taken into account when traveling on your own car.The most important thing is to think carefully about everything in advance and be well acquainted with the rules of both traffic and behavior in general, which exist in the destination country. Then the journey will be wonderful and leave the most pleasant impressions.

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