How to transplant a pear

You will need
  • - shovel;
  • - metal wire loop;
  • - mulch.
To transplant a tree in the winter, dig a hole a little more than an earthy coma. Pour a fertile mixture into this pit.
Prepare for transplantpear: for this, dig a trench along the borders of the crown (with a depth of not more than 1 m). Pull out the tree.
Chop up the thick roots, cut the bottom. Use for cutting a loop made of metal wire.
Plant a tree, then promulcate the zone where the roots are located, with a loose substrate: it can be humus or peat. It will protectpearfrom drying out and low temperatures.
Use for transplanting pears more affordable way. Preparepear: dig a groove around the tree, but unlike the previous method, do it in early spring, before the buds have blossomed yet.
Fill the pit with fertile, loose soil. Water it. Do not be afraid that due to the fact that the lateral roots when digging holes cut off, the tree will stop growing.This is not so, it will only slow down the growth rate, and will develop due to intact vertical roots. During the season a young lobe will form on the tips of the vertical roots. She will help the pear to transfer the transplant.
Another way to transplant. By the time it takes two years. Half of the roots cut in the first year, in the second year - the remaining roots. Transplant in early spring. From the outside of the excavated ditch, pull out the tree. So you do not damage the appeared young roots.
Chop down the roots.
Whichever way you use the transplant, at the end of the procedure, fill the roots with soil and do not forget to water it abundantly. Fill the voids that appeared after watering. Be sure to say the top. If there is a need, strengthen the tree with special braces between the trunk and the stakes, which are firmly driven deep into the ground.

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