How to transfer a deposit

To transfer the amount "just like that" will only be a naive buyer. For such cases, an agreement on the deposit. The deposit serves as a pledge. For the seller, it is the obligation to sell for a specific price to a specific person before a specific date. And for the buyer - the obligation to buy for a specific price from a specific person before a specific date. That is, you previously agree on the upcoming transaction.
The security deposit is a sum of money. Which exactly? The parties should agree on this among themselves. As a rule, the larger the amount, the more confidence in the upcoming transaction.
If the potential buyer, that is, the depositor, does not fulfill the obligations under the contract, the deposit remains entirely with the potential seller, that is, the depositor. In the event that the beneficiary does not fulfill the obligations under the contract, he will be obliged to return the deposit in double size to the depositor.In other cases, the deposit is simply returned to the one who gave it.
The agreement on the deposit can be made at any realtor in any real estate agency. Remember, the agreement should not be stamped, but only the signatures of the parties who undertake to further make the sale and purchase transaction.

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