How to tie a skirt for a girl?

For a long time, the ability to knit was a necessity, not a luxury. A wide range of clothing was not, and by linking something on their own, people had the opportunity to get a completely exclusive outfit in a single copy. Now it is rather a luxury, an occupation for the soul, but the background still remains. Who does not want to have a unique thing that no one else has? Next, we will look at a few simple patterns that make it easy to knit the product even to a beginning knitter. For example, how to tie a skirt for a girl? Talk about this further.

Knit with needles

First, you need to take the following measurements: the length of the future skirt and the waist circumference of the girl. Then type 31 loops and tie a small pattern, since we need to know the knitting density and the number of loops for the skirt width. Measure how many loops you have by 1 cm, then multiply them by waist circumference and divide in half, as the skirt knits from two halves.

For the first skirt weave, use the additional thread to complete the number of loops you have made, and tie about 6 cm to the main thread with an elastic band of 2x2 cm.Then you need to bend the elastic in half, pull out the additional thread, and put the resulting loops on the knitting needle and knit, using the additional knitting needle, 2 face loops (you must take one loop from each knitting needle). When you finish tying your skirt, insert the elastic into the resulting fabric.

Next, knit the selected pattern. If you want an even skirt, then the number of loops is not increased, but if it is flared, in each 10th row you need to add 1 air loop every 10 loops. At the end of knitting all the loops must be closed. We knit the second canvas similarly to the first. Then sew both sides of the skirt. To tie a skirt for a girl with knitting needles, as you can see, is a snap!

Knit crochet

Crocheting a skirt for a girl is a little harder than knitting. For knitting, you will need 150 - 300 g of yarn and beige, white or pale pink fabric for the lining, since most of the crocheted skirts are fishnet. Unlike knitted skirts, crochet skirts are knitted in one continuous canvas, and not sewn from two. To begin with, we pick up a chain, the length of which will be slightly longer than the waist circumference (in order to insert an elastic band or stretch a belt in the future. Next, we knit according to the scheme you chose, and at a height of 30-40 cm, you can begin to knit lace.At the end of knitting, the thread must be trimmed, and the upper edge of the skirt must be tucked and sewn, after having inserted an elastic band into it. It is worth noting that the skirts are more convenient to knit from top to bottom so that you can try them on in the knitting process.

Knitted skirts can be worn almost all four seasons: in the summer it is light openwork skirts, crocheted; in the winter - warm, knitted from wool threads; and in spring and autumn - both those and others, at your discretion. In addition to all the above and other things, the most important thing is the desire and the desire to do everything well, neatly and beautifully.

Thank you for your attention, we hope that our article was able to help you. We wish you good luck and beautiful images! After all, such a skirt can be a delightful gift for both a little girl and an adult woman.

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