How to thin out plants

Most vegetable crops must be thinned twice, combining this procedure with weeding. The first time the plants are thinned out when 2-3 leaves appear on them, the second time is when the number of leaves increases to 4-6. The interval between these two procedures is usually 30 days. If everything is done correctly, the distance between the plants after the second thinning should increase by 2 times compared with the first. In those places where the intervals are too large, you can plant new bushes of plants.

During thinning should leave the most developed and healthy plants, the rest can be used for planting in other beds or for growing in a greenhouse.

Thinning planting parsley, carrots, beets, radishes, turnips and radishes is necessary in the phase of formation of the first true leaf. In beds with parsley and carrots, the distance between plants should be 1-2 cm, in beds with turnips - 2-3 cm. The distance between radishes of early varieties should be at least 3-4 cm, late varieties should be at least 4.5 cm. A second breakthrough should be made 15-20 days after the first one.

When weeding the beds with beetroot, the removed plants can be transplanted to the vacated places (for example, in the beds where radishes were growing). In order for the removed plants to take root in a new place, before digging, they are plentifully watered and planted in the prepared wells, so as not to bend the taproot. To make plants better settled, some of the leaves should be removed. This is especially important in dry weather when plants are deficient in moisture.

When thinning carrots, you should try not to injure its stems, as carrot flies flock to the smell coming from the tops, it is also important to ensure that the root heads are in the ground, otherwise there is a risk that the pest will lay eggs in the carrots, increases many times. After thinning, it is necessary to podgresti land to the roots and priporoshit garden bed with ashes, the smell of which scares the carrot fly.

After the thinning procedure, the beds must be loosened, watered and mulched.

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