How to teach a child to clean up after themselves in 2018

You will need
  • Tales of K. Chukovsky “Moidodyr” and “Fedorino's Grief”.
Start to teachbabyit is necessary to order not even from preschool, but from an early age. The one and a half year old baby with the greatest pleasure helps adults, it is very interesting to him. True, he collects cubes and places the toys, he is still very slow. Be patient and let him finish the cleaning himself. Do not forget to praise your assistant.
Distribute household chores. The kid from the very beginning should know that toys, socks, tights are his concern. Teach him to fold clothes gently. It is unlikely that he will succeed immediately. But do not shift things with him. Wait until the child falls asleep, and then correct everything, as it is usually done by teachers in kindergarten.
It is necessary to ensure that the child feels discomfort from the disorder.Explain to your child that things can be offended if they are treated badly. Toys will run away, and socks will be lost. Preschoolers can tell that no one will remove nothing instead. Let everything remain as it is. It may happen that the young slut will miss your words past the ears. Then it is time to act. When he falls asleep, take your favorite toy out of sight with your baby, which your baby will surely catch in the morning. Explain that the bunny was tired of the mess and he promised to return as soon as the room was clean. You can be sure that in half an hour all the toys will be in place. Solemnly return the hare to its place.
If the child immediately forgot about the troubles and again left behind a mess, all the toys can disappear in an unknown direction. And they should be absent longer than the first time. Read to the violator of the order the fairy tale "Fedorino grief" and ask what happened to things. It may very well be that the child himself will guess where the toys have gone. Continue the game until the baby starts to clean things without reminders.
Do not forget that all adults in the family must also clean up after themselves. If a child sees that dad throws shoes at random, and mom has a habit of leaving knitting in a chair, do not be surprised that he will start doing the same.Words alone will not achieve anything.
Teachbabyindependently prepare for classes and clean up after them. It is necessary to dilute the paint carefully so as not to slap the sink. It is necessary to sculpt on the plank, otherwise the table will be dirty and it is difficult to clean it. If the preschooler spilled or smeared something, do not rush to restore order immediately, even if dirt irritates you. Explain that the easiest way to wipe the stain on the floor immediately, then the paint will enter, and it will not be easy to remove it.
For classes and homework your baby should have special clothes. Give it a place. This can be a hook in the kitchen for an apron, a shelf in the closet for an old bathrobe, which can be stained with paint or plasticine. Overalls should be available.
Teachbabyfollow street clothes. After walking, it must be dried.

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