How to tame a cat?

Have you ever watched the cartoon “The Cat Who Walked by Himself” - the story of how people used to tame pets — in distant primitive times — a dog, a cow, a horse ...? In this cartoon, one character earned himself shelter, warmth and food for ever and ever by cunning, without submitting to people. Of course, it was a cat that walked on its own. Indeed, it is believed that cats are less attached to humans than the same dogs. And if you look at the relationship of cats and people, you will notice that often it is more like the cat tamed a man without making any effort. They know how to baleen and fluffy melt the heart! But still we have gained considerable experience and know how to tame a cat, to make it affectionate.

Tame a kitten

Most often we take a kitten to us, playful, biting and scratching, and still not able to go to the toilet. Much now depends on what you will allow him, and what not, how much attention you will pay him. To save yourself from unnecessary scratches, stock up on toys while playing games.This may be the usual soft toys (which you do not mind giving away at the mercy of) or purchased at the pet store. But when you see that the kitten is tired, has become sleepy - take him on his knees, iron, scratch. Your kitten will love to sleep on their hands! But do not tame by force, otherwise you will cause a backlash! Caress, pleasant intonation and patience are, after all, good helpers in how to tame a cat in your hands.

If you go to bed and take your pet with you, he will respond with what will become the permanent “watchman” of your dreams. But first, consider whether you really want such a tame cat — whether it will not inconvenience you in the future, because it will not be easy to wean him. You know, even if your bed has enough free space, cats love to be laid on their feet. And some, I know from my own experience, adore sleeping on the neck, which is not very comfortable for the owner of this neck itself, unless you need a kind of warm “compress”. But tame cats purr so nicely, it often calms and only sometimes does not allow to fall asleep.

The path to the heart runs through the stomach not only in men, but also in our smaller brothers.It is no secret that you will become a good friend for a cat if you feed her tasty food and talk with her affectionately. Fill her bowl with food and iron. How can you not love your breadwinner?

Cat toilet

If you are concerned about how to accustom the cat to the tray, first put the cat toilet correctly (preferably in the corner), pick up the paper, and even better - use a filler (it is much more convenient to use). And now look at both! At first, the kitten will need an observant nurse. Otherwise, upon returning home, you will find traces of cat litter here and there, or you will not find anything, which means that your prankster has found a hidden place. Ideally, put the kitten in a tray after eating and after sleeping, and every time you notice that he has become restless, to look for something. The more often the kitten gets to go to his tray, the better he gets used and remembers his toilet. Of course, not all kittens are so intelligent, and you are responsible for the one who was tamed, so be patient, dear friends! In no case do not punish severely kitten for the fact that he went elsewhere. We often use the whip method - we poke a guilty cat to a crime scene.I myself used this method, but for some reason the kittens stubbornly insisted on it. You should know that there are quite vindictive among the cats, which after such a poking with a muzzle begin to harm and "spoil" the former. So, often in retaliation, cats can arrange a toilet right in the shoe, sneaker, etc. Therefore, experienced catwives offer another, much more effective way: to collect the cat's work into a scoop and put it in the tray. The toilet is a toilet, and it should smell like a cat!

Teach to the toilet

More than once we heard stories that it was possible to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl! The owners of such good girls, of course, will not rejoice: neither extra cleaning nor an unpleasant smell! But this is not a miracle at all! There is a specific effective instruction that will teach a cat to use the toilet humanly. It's simple: you will need to gradually, literally centimeter by centimeter, put the cat's toilet higher and higher until it reaches the level of the toilet bowl. Every time you need to give your pet some time to get used to the new height of his toilet. The last stage - put the tray on the toilet. When the cat gets used to relieve the need in this way, it will be possible to completely remove the tray from the toilet. Such training, as a rule, works well!

Tame wildcat

We talked with you about kittens, but there are those who pick up the cat "from the street" and then the question arises how to tame a wild cat or an already adult beast. In our family, 2 times there were such feral cats. Of course, at first they are suspicious, distrustful and fearful. How to tame an adult cat? No need to wait for them to immediately jump into your arms. In this situation, all the same rules apply - affectionate appeal, patience, a kind word. Your warm attitude, the cat will surely feel care, it will make friends with you, it will be trusted!

But with the toilet in this case, the situation is somewhat different - because the adult cat has already formed a habit, and if she is used to going about her business on the street, it will be very difficult to retrain her. We had to accept the fact that the cat walks on the street, good, the first floor and the yard fenced. And so you can stock up on a special leash for cats and take a walk.

And finally: a cat, without a doubt, can be accustomed to the tray and the toilet bowl, you can make it affectionate. But do not demand from each cat calf tenderness, not all cats are equally tame and not all cats have affection in blood. There are independent, wayward impatiens.And then you need to have patience, but for now, admire your proud pet!

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