How to switch to fractional power system

With a fractional diet, the caloric content of the total daily diet remains familiar, but all foods are divided into smaller portions and are taken separately. The fractional nutrition system consists of frequent meals, there is a need every time the body feels the need for this.
Many people are accustomed to sit at the table at least three courses: first, second and salad. The body while wasting a lot of excess energy on the processing of sometimes incompatible products. This leads to the fact that the body does not absorb some foods, disrupts the work of the stomach, gets off the acidity and increases the risk of deposition of excess weight.

Power Rules

To move to the fractional nutrition system, you need to understand the principles of such a meal and do everything gradually. First, you need to eat at least 6 times a day. That is, the usual breakfast-lunch-dinner will have to be separated by at least three additional snacks, but at the same time, each portion of the meal will be halved and sometimes tripled. Secondly, it is important that the caloric content of each intake is approximately the same, that is, equalize the portions.
The break between meals should not exceed 3 hours. You should not endure the feeling of hunger, and then replenish it with a large number of calories. It is better to train yourself to eat regularly and gradually. Initially, when switching to this type of food, the body will feel discomfort. But after 5-7 days, all organs will return to normal.

Fractional Diet

Absolutely everyone can eat according to the fractional nutrition system: vegetarians and meat-eaters. You need to eat what your body is used to, and when switching to a fractional feeding system, listen to the reactions of your body. After all, any change in nutrition - it is always stress.
The daily diet should contain all the necessary nutrients, it will help reduce the likely occurrence of stress. To understand what portion you can eat at one time, it is recommended to imagine an ordinary glass. And each time consume as much food as it fits. The body is much easier to digest a small portion.
It is advisable to start breakfast as early as possible after waking up in order to immediately start up all the systems. And finish dinner as early as possible. Despite the small portion, before bedtime the body should not be burdened with additional work.
It is recommended to continue to pamper yourself with your favorite foods, because even with split meals you can and should enjoy the food.

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