How to successfully make a pedicure at home

You will need
  • - wash; - soap or shower gel; - pumice; - nail scissors; - nippers; - orange stick; - foot cream.
Pour some warm water into a bowl, add soap or gel there. Lower the legs there and wait about 12-14 minutes.
Dry your feet thoroughly and apply foot cream. After that, with the help of pliers, give your nails a square shape (it is better not to do a round one, undesirable consequences are possible).
How to successfully make a pedicure at home
Use the orange stick to push back the cuticles. It is not recommended to do this, as you can harm the skin or cause an infection there.
How to make a manicure at home
Using nail scissors very carefully remove the burrs. At this stage, you can easily get hurt, so be careful.
How to make a manicure at home
Now we come to the main stage - the application of varnish. Take a cotton pad, blot it in nail polish remover and gently wipe all the nails.
How to make a manicure at home
Put on the leg dividers for your fingers, or use napkins between your fingers so that they do not begin to soil each other. Now gently apply the varnish in two layers. At the end, apply a protective coating. Cool pedicure ready!
How to make a manicure at home

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