How to stop being distracted at work

Probably, many people noticed that they could not fully concentrate on any work or the performance of tasks. There are no obvious reasons for this. But work is slow and often not completed on time. But it turns out that there are many distractions that we simply do not notice. How to get rid of them and start working productively.

Factors distracting from work

1. Social networks

Avoid logging in to social networks while you work. Most people do not even notice that they constantly check their page, while losing concentration at work, and besides the messages they look through various posts. If you can not refrain from this, then turn off the Internet.

2. Email

Another distracting factor is e-mail, as many people constantly check it, and this slows down the work. Set aside a certain time in your schedule for the answers to the letters, so as not to be distracted from current projects.

3. Mobile phone

The sound of a phone call can distract you from the tasks set and take you away from work for a long time. If you do not have urgent calls, turn off the phone and turn on voice mail.

4. Multitasking

If you do many different tasks at the same time, it may turn out that you will not do anything. In this case, you will help the correct allocation of time and scheduling work.

5. Boredom

This is the most dangerous factor. If you are bored, then you will begin to be distracted by all third-party factors, such as the Internet, telephone and more. Try to choose interesting tasks or set incentives. For example, if you do a good project, buy the thing you have long wanted.

6. Strange thoughts

If you think about yesterday’s quarrel or about what you need to pay for an apartment, then you definitely will not concentrate on work and most likely you will be doing a long project. If it is difficult to concentrate and drop thoughts. Write them down. For example, paint your day or make a to-do list.

7. Stress

Each of us, at least once in life, was under stress. At such times it is very difficult to concentrate and devote yourself to work.Stress has a strong effect on the body. In this case, you need to relax. Engage in breathing exercises, drink a soothing herbal tea, relax a bit and then get to work.

8. Fatigue

Fatigue can be a big problem in order to concentrate, even when you do not have distractions. Studies show that lack of sleep can significantly affect your memory. In order to work productively, be sure to get enough sleep.

9. Hunger

If you are hungry, then you will not be able to work normally. Because your thoughts will be crammed with just one desire. In order for this not to happen at the most crucial moment, you need to monitor your diet. In this case, be sure to have breakfast. Make snacks, but not fast carbohydrates, and slow, for example, nuts, muesli.

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