How to start the injector

Your actions to start the injection engine should be arranged as follows:
If you could not start the car from the second, third time, no more trying to start. Turn on the dipped headlights for 2 minutes. This will warm up the battery. Before starting, you need to squeeze the clutch, and then gently release. If you have an automatic transmission, do not squeeze anything - fuel will be enough. If you did not manage to start the first time, try again a couple of times with an interval of 10-15 seconds. If the car does not start, look under the hood if the battery is sufficiently charged and whether the wiring to the terminals is securely attached. Ask someone to “light up” your car. If all of the above does not help, contact the service. If the car is wound up, do not rush to go. Let the engine warm up. This is especially true in winter.

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