How to Run an Anime Club

How to Start an Anime Club


  1. Plan out the agenda of your club.What is it about?
    • A particular anime or all anime in general?
    • Do you want to focus on a specific genre like shonen, shoujo etc?
    • Do you want to delve in the grey land of hentai or want to stick to the "universal" shows?
    • Old anime or the newly released ones?
  2. Decide your demographics.Do you want to keep it local or global?
    • Do you want a physical location of your club or would you prefer it to be an online thing?
    • Will there be an age-group limitation or is it open-for-all?
    • Membership fees or free-to-enter?
    • Will it be a guys/girls-only club or all genders invited?
  3. Choose a name and tagline.This is the most crucial of the steps as it can make or break your club. The name should be short yet catchy or if you plan it to be long, then decide an acronym that can be easy to pronounce. For example, the "Indian Manga And Anime Fans" has a catchy short-form IMAAF that is easy to pronounce. Don't overload your name with too foreign sounding words--it can scare away potential members.
    • Also, don't forget to decide an agenda of your club. It could be simple, or if you are good with words you can make it into a slogan.
  4. Carry out a small survey about the series or genres of anime most popular in your peer group and organise a promotional activity.It could be an anime-themed party or if you lack people to organise events, you can always put up an online competition like poster-making or fanfiction writing.
  5. Organize your members.After your recruitment drive is over and you have got enough members, create a small (or big, depends on the number of members) organisational crew who will help you with the events and other work. Proper work division always create wonders.
  6. Arrange regular meetings.Keep up the ante by setting up impromptu discussion sessions, anime marathons and a live online forum. This way, your club will not die out into obscurity and instead will attract more members.

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  • Ensure that only those people become members who genuinely fit the bill. Sometimes, troublemakers slide in and create unwanted chaos.
  • Create a funky badge which the members can pin on their bags or caps. This promotes a sense of brotherhood and also acts as a means of advertisement of your club.
  • If possible, create a logo. It makes the club seem more official.
  • Before you use any graphics or artwork in your posters and/or illustrations, check out the copyrights and get necessary permissions if required. Legal troubles can put a black mark on your club.
  • Engage with anime fans globally and tell them about your club. You will get new insights and ideas which perhaps you haven't thought of before.


  • Do not plagiarize any other club's name or agenda. Be creative!
  • Take all the necessary permissions if the law of your area dictates so.
  • Do not force anyone to join. It depends on a person's wishes whether he/she wants to join. No one loves over-persuasive marketing.
  • Do not engage in hooliganism to promote your club.

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