How to start a business without money

You will need
  • - A computer
  • - The Internet
On the Internet there are so-called "sites of wholesale orders." You can order something at the price indicated on the website only if you take more than a certain number of units of goods. But you don’t need five bags, you only need one! Then you need to open a website on a free hosting or, even better, a group in a social network in which participants can participate in "collective purchases". For a small percentage, of course, which will make dashu profit.
Open the website for the sale of goods on a free hosting and duplicate it in a social network. Use the pre-order scheme — you are ordered for a specific product, 100% prepaid, and only then you order the product and transfer it to the customer.
On the basis of a website or a group created on a social network, it is also possible to create an agency that performs transfers and deals with the so-called "help to students."In this case, you organize the staff of employees who are paid upon completion of the assignment, and this is where your work ends!
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Avoid disruption to work
Helpful advice
Be polite and courteous to the client, remember that it is he who forms your income.

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