How to shave an intimate place?

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How to shave an intimate place?

Sigmund Freud in his theory of psychoanalysis argued that all the actions of a person, all his behavior and his whole life are based on sex and revolve around sex. In some ways he was right, and in the modern world sex is very important. And in this regard, the question arises about intimate hygiene, namely: how to shave an intimate place?

No, of course, there are lovers of hairy genitals, but most people prefer to see a beautiful and well-groomed pubis, especially since it is hygienic and aesthetic.

On how to shave an intimate place, think of both men and women. After all, each of us faced skin irritation, itching and burning after an unsuccessful shave, and as a result - an ugly look, redness, pimples ... All this does not give pleasure to you or your sexual partner.

How to avoid the unpleasant effects of shaving

To avoid all these "surprises" can be, if you follow some simple tricks.

  1. The choice of the machine. In any case, it should be a masculine, good floating head machine.Even women should not shave female machines, because they are designed for smooth surfaces, there are also fuses that can significantly interfere in such a delicate procedure. Male machines are designed to bend the face, and therefore for an intimate place, too, are perfect.
  2. In no case do not shave an intimate place with a disposable razor, because it is not only inferior in quality to the blades, but also has a fixed head that interferes with maneuverability.
  3. A good shaving cream. It is best to take hypoallergenic. Suitable for both men and women; in principle, their essential difference lies only in the smell. Remember to purchase an after-shave moisturizer that will also help you avoid irritation.

How to shave an intimate place

Now about the procedure itself. Before shaving the intimate area, take a warm bath so that the skin relaxes, and then rinse the crotch with water at room temperature. If the hair is too long, it is worth to trim it first for convenience.

The principles of how to shave an intimate place to men and women are essentially the same, although they have some differences due to the difference in the structure of the genitals:

  1. Apply a shaving cream or gel to your hair and leave it on for a while.This will moisturize the hair and prepare the skin for interaction with a sharp razor blade.
  2. Shaving the hair is only along the growth line, because if you shave in the opposite direction, the edge of the hair will not be rounded, but sharp, which, if rubbed, will cause irritation. It will also help you avoid subsequent hair ingrowth into the skin.
  3. Take a comfortable position for you. Someone is shaving, sitting on the toilet and legs wide apart, someone is lying in the bathroom, it is more convenient for someone to stand with one foot on the side of the bathroom. Here, each individually and you will have to determine independently by experience.

Some useful tips

  • It is best to prepare a mirror in advance for a better view, but someone copes by touch.
  • Be extremely careful not to get hurt. Stretch the skin to even the surface.
  • Rinse the razor constantly.

At the end of the procedure, rinse the intimate place with water, wipe dry and apply a special moisturizer or lotion. Here, too, should be vigilant - so that chemical drugs do not get to your genitals, as this may lead to allergic reactions and diseases.

If you get hurt while shaving, you need to sanitize the wounds with hydrogen peroxide before smearing with cream.

How to shave an intimate place: video clips

Caring for the comfort of its customers, Gillette has created a series of video clips for men about how to shave hair on a particular part of the body. Among them there is a video on how to shave groin to men.

Best of all, of course, to remove hair in an intimate place is not to use a razor, but depilation or epilation. Depilation is carried out with the help of special creams and helps to remove hair painlessly by acting on them with chemical preparations. Epilation removes hair with a bulb, and therefore the procedure is painful, but it will keep the skin smooth for a longer period.

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