How to sew skirts sun and half-fold with folds and what to wear them with?

Who is suitable?

Sun skirts and half-pleated skirts are suitable for all women without exception. Lush, short skirt looks charming on a young fashionista.

A business lady will certainly appreciate a model of medium length with elegant stitched folds.

These skirts are versatile and suitable for any style of clothing - from classic to sporty.

Choose the appropriate model is necessary taking into account the characteristics of the body:

  • Women with a figure of the type of "rectangle" or "inverted triangle" should pay attention to the model with small folds. They visually enlarge the hips and make the figure more feminine, and the shapes rounded;

  • the owners of the figures of the type "apple" or "pear" fit models with folds in the upper part of the skirt - from the waist to the hips. A skirt-hugging upper thigh will make the figure more elegant

  • lush ladies with rounded, feminine shapes will fit models with large pleats, small and frequent folds add extra volume, so wearing such skirts are recommended to very slender girls.


On yoke

This model allows you to effectively emphasize the wasp waist and create a beautiful, slim silhouette. Skirts made of heavy, shiny silk or light, delicate chiffon look particularly impressive.

On an elastic band

Universal model, indispensable for hot summer. Gentle, romantic option for an informal atmosphere. Lightweight fabrics such as chiffon are great for sewing such skirts.

What to wear

The skirts of the shape of the sun and the sun are quite wide, so it's best to combine them with a tight top: a turtleneck, top, t-shirt, classic blouse, jumper, etc.

A very feminine option - a skirt with a shortened, fitted jacket. As accessories, you can use long bright beads, a chain, a volume scarf made of thin fabric.

Fluffy skirts are perfectly combined with shoes with heels. It can be - classic shoes, sandals on a wedge, ankle boots or boots.

For sewing skirts it is recommended to use soft materials that hold the shape well - flax, cotton, wool, etc. The color scheme does not know the limitations, but with prints you need to be careful. The fold is itself a decorative element. In a motley, colorful skirt the element can be “lost”. Therefore, most often such models are sewn from monophonic fabrics, the cell is always relevant, a strip is permissible.

The sun skirt is sewn from a solid web or wedges. The pattern of the first variant is very simple - it draws a circle of the required diameter and a slit for the waist is made. In this model, there are no seams, so it looks as luxuriant and airy as possible. The semi-sun skirt is not so voluminous, but it looks no less feminine and charming.

How to sew a skirt-half-sun?

For sewing this model is best to choose a fabric that holds its shape well. In addition, the material must have the same properties in the direction of the fractional and transverse threads. This will prevent the skirt from pulling out during the wear process.

For the pattern, it is necessary to take the following measurements: FROM (waist girth), PD (length of the front), DB (length of the side) and the length of the back (DZ).

For example FROM = 60 cm.

Calculate the radius of the skirt according to the formula: R = 2 * OT / 6.28.

It is necessary to take into account allowances for the fastener and folds, then the corrected formula will look like this:

R = 2 * (FROM + X) / 6.28, where X is the value of the allowances. For each model, this value is different.

Assume that the selected model has 2 folds in the front. On one fold fabric is laid in 2 times more than its depth. The depth of one fold is 3 cm, which means the total width of one fold is 6 cm. Then the size of the allowance for both folds will be 6 * 2 = 12 cm.

We take into account the fastener allowance - 3 cm. Radius = 2 * (60 + 12 + 3) / 6.28 = 23.9 cm.

Drawing a pattern:

  1. Horizontal and vertical lines are drawn. At the place of their intersection a compass is placed and an arc is drawn.
  2. Next on the pattern marked lines in the middle of the front and rear panels.
  3. Further marked the location of the folds and fasteners.
  4. On a waist 3 cm on a fastener are postponed, on both sides - on 6 cm. The future fold will settle down here.
  5. From the received serif, measure the distance to the midline of the back panel and divide it in half. There will be a side seam.
  6. Now you can arrange the folds. From the middle line of the front cloth along the waistline, put 3 cm on each side - the width of the future fold.

Sewing a skirt-sun

To build a pattern of skirts with pleats, you first need to determine the radii:

  • The inner radius will be 1/6 of the waist circumference plus 10 cm.
  • The outer radius is determined by the length of the future skirt.

You can not make a pattern, but immediately draw a cloth. To do this, fold the selected fabric in four. Apply a centimeter tape to its inner corner and draw a circle around the fabric of the chalk, then cut it along the lines. Separately open the part for the future belt. Its width will be 12 cm, and the length should be the circumference of your waist plus 5 cm.

Next, proceed as follows:

Cut another part of the belt out of the flizelin of any number so that the future belt keeps its shape.

Glue fleece to your belt with an iron.

Fold the belt in half and iron it, and then for the seamy side, fold one edge inward 1 cm and iron it again.

Cut a place under the zipper on the cut fabric.

Lay the line on the inner radius of the main part 5 mm from the edge. Put a big step, and loosen the lower thread.

Tightening one of the threads, form folds, evenly distributing them throughout the skirt. Weighing the inner radius should be up to the waist circumference plus 2 cm.

Sew the front part of the belt, then sew the buckle, turn the skirt inside out and sew the wrong part of the belt, closing the folds.

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