How to sew Santa Claus costume?

To create a full-fledged image and costume of Santa Claus, beards, hats, staff and a bag with gifts are not enough - you also need good clothes. And it is about how to sew Santa Claus costume, we'll talk now. To begin with, we will list the necessary materials, and then we will describe the technology of the pattern of the costume, which, it must be said, is not particularly complex.


To make a costume, we need the following:

  • red, blue or blue satin or taffeta
  • white fur (artificial)
  • paint for fabric (silver)
  • silver tinsel
  • foil
  • brush
  • bugle
  • clothes elastic
  • staff stick

Traditionally, Santa's costume includes a long fur coat with a belt, as well as mittens, a hat, a staff and a bag with gifts. Most often, clothes are made in red, but blue or blue suit will also look very, very elegant.

Santa Claus costume do it yourself

A fur coat, which is the main element of Santa Claus's attire, needs to be cut in the same way as a long robe.If you do not have too much time or you are afraid that your skill will not be enough to create a costume, as they say, “from scratch”, then you can also use a finished robe - the main thing is that it fits in size. To do this, gently fold the robe over the seam and cut out the back, as well as two shelves of tracing paper or paper. Now we measure the length of the future fur coat, which must necessarily reach to the toes. Next, choose the appropriate fabric for our costume. We will need dense shiny fabric like satin (you can also use artificial satin, which is quite textured and dense) or taffeta. Also a great suit can be made from fabric for curtains. Portyerny fabrics, as a rule, differ in the interesting invoice and an excellent density.

Pattern costume Santa Claus

Now let's lay out the cooked fabric on some flat surface and chop a paper pattern on the fabric. From below we continue the length of the fur coat to the required measurements, and then add 1 cm to the seams from all sides. Then we cut out the three parts of the fur coat, we trim the side seams on the wrong side and sponge them over manually, or process it with an overlock, if possible.Now we iron the seams so that they are not disheveled and not bristled, and then we bend the shelves. Inside we sew a flypaper instead of a fastener. Next, along the cuffs of the sleeves and along the edge, sew the hem, using a strip of artificial white fur. Here is our fur coat and ready. By the way, you can easily embroider a ready-made fur coat with large glass beads, or paint it with special paints for fabric. To do this, you first need to think over the pattern - here, of course, suitable winter patterns - frost patterns, snowflakes, etc. Now we outline the contours of the pattern on the fabric, dip a thin brush into the silver paint and paint the applied pattern. The fur coat also needs to be supplemented with a sash, for which a long rectangular scarf of silver color is quite suitable.

Hat and mittens

In order to make a hat, you first need to measure the volume of the head, and then cut out the wedges - 6 wedges 15 cm long. The width of the wedges should be 1/6 of the head circumference. Also add 0.5 cm per seam on each side. Now cut the ribbon with a length equal to the girth of the head and about 5 cm wide - this will be okolysh for our cap. Next you need to sew the wedges and sew around the hem to the bottom of the cap, but in such a way that the edges of the band are on the front side of the cap. It remains to sew faux fur on top of the band.As for the mittens, they can be done on the same principle as the fur coat itself, and take ready-made mittens as the basis for the pattern - only of large size. Cut out 2 parts, leaving small seam allowances and stitch them on a typewriter, then twist and sheathe with white fur around the edge. Now it is left on the back of our mittens to embroider or draw the same patterns that we put on the fur coat.

Other elements

We start the final stage of creating our costume. Pay attention to the bag for gifts. It can be carved out of fabric in the same color scheme as the costume itself, but in a slightly different tone. If the suit is red, then the bag may be burgundy, if blue is blue and, accordingly, vice versa. Now we place a hem on the top edge or the so-called drawstring, where you need to put the cord, for which Santa Claus will hold the bag. You can decorate the bag with stars made of foil, or paint it with silver paint. So it was the turn of the staff of Santa Claus. For its design, we take a long stick, which is then tightly wrapped with silver tinsel (it is silver, not gold, because there is winter in the yard). At the top of the staff, we glue a shiny foam Christmas ball.Finally, the final touch is a beard, because what kind of Santa Claus without a beard? We make a beard pattern from tracing paper, choosing the style and size, simply putting paper on the face and cutting it in the right places with scissors. We cut out the beard blank, like the edge of the fur coat, from faux white fur, and sew a linen elastic around the edges. Now for reliability you need to fix the beard with adhesive tape, which we strengthen from the inside. Our costume is completely ready!

Santa Claus costume - photos and diagrams

Very often, Internet users interested in making a Santa Claus costume with their own hands are trying to find patterns of patterns. But the fact is that most often such costumes are made simply from another thing, and in most cases the basis for the coat of Santa Claus is a dressing gown suitable for the texture and size. Therefore, I have selected photos for you with the most successful examples of Santa Claus costumes. .

As you can see, these costumes of Santa Claus are also made of dressing gowns, but the performance is so high quality that they look like real fur coats. Therefore, if you wish, you can sew a great suit, because now you know how to sew a Santa Claus suit!

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