How to sew a half skirt?

Want to sew a half-skirt, but do not know how to do it? There is nothing difficult in sewing such a skirt, so any girl, even a beginner in tailor's skill, can sew a half-sun skirt. The semi-sun skirt never goes out of fashion and at all times is a beautiful and fashionable element of clothing. You can sew it short or long, everyday or elegant - it all depends on your desire and preferences. So, how to sew a half skirt?

Everybody knows the pattern of the half-sun skirt pattern from school from geometry lessons, as it is nothing but an ordinary semicircle with a cut out center or 2 identical segments of a semicircle. And you can even cut such a skirt right on the fabric. For this you will need:

  • Fabric for sewing skirts
  • Fittings
  • Centimeter
  • Scissors
  • a piece of chalk
  • Needles and pins
  • Sewing machine

When choosing a fabric for your half skirt, remember that it is best to sew a skirt of this style from airy, lightweight fabrics that are not very transparent. If the material you want to use is very transparent, you can buy it twice as much and make your skirt double layered.A semi-sun skirt made of lightweight fabric will lie in beautiful folds, hide steps and give a grace to the walk. While coarse, dense fabric, make the skirt look like a truncated cone and obviously will not decorate you and your figure.

How to sew a half skirt

To build a half-sun skirt pattern, you need to know two parameters: the waist volume and the length of the finished product. Determining the length of the finished product, the measurement is made from the back, taking into account, thus, the bulge of the buttocks. If the size of the skirt and the width of the selected fabric allow, you can tailor it with a solid canvas in one go. If the skirt is very long, you can sew it from several parts. If the fabric you have chosen has a pattern, then when cutting the half-sun skirt, you should pay attention to the direction of the pattern in the finished product. It should match on both panels.

The belt is a rectangular strip of fabric, the length of which should coincide with the volume of the waist, and the width should be wider than the expected width of the finished belt (plus the indentation for the seams). After you have cut the details of the skirt and cut them out of the fabric, sweep over the loose edges.If the fabric that you have chosen for the skirt is turned away easily, then the overlaying of the cuts can be done immediately. If the edges are not much showered, then overcast them later, after you strike the main details of the skirt.

After you have swept the skirt along the side seams, you need to try it on and fit it around your waist, evenly at the waist. After that, the seams can be stitched, not forgetting to leave room for zippers or button closures. Sew a zipper. Detail for the belt duplicate interlining, fold in half and sew to the product. In the same way, you can sew a half-skirt with an elastic band. To do this, you can not sew the belt, and wrap the upper part of the product, and leaving the distance necessary for the gum, stitch. After that, wearing a gum and skirt can be worn.

Before you begin processing the bottom of the product, you need to let the skirt hang for a few days. Then it is necessary to level the bottom of the skirt from the floor, and determine the amount by which it is necessary to bend it. Then sweep and iron it. The bottom of the skirt can be processed on a typewriter or sewn by hand, pre-glued with a special adhesive material.

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