How to set up a mobile agent on Samsung

Configure access to the Internet on your Samsung phone, this is done in the connections menu section. Specify the access point that is used in the settings of your network operator. Register login and password to connect. You can get this data on the official website of the operator or by sending a request for automatic parameters applicable from the received SMS message.
After applying the Internet settings, restart your mobile device and launch the mobile browser, while connecting to the Internet using the connection you created. Enter the following address in the address bar: Enter the name of your mobile phone model, enter the number to receive the SMS message with the instruction. You can also download the installer using a computer.
Refer to the instructions to find out about the compatibility of your Samsung mobile device platform with software.If you do not find your model in the list, contact your mobile operator to correct the problem or determine the reasons for the inability to install the application.
Download the appropriate software for you at the following link: Use one of the appropriate way to download the installer, for example, by downloading the installer to the computer. After that, you need to connect your phone to a PC using the included USB cable or Bluetooth connection. Remember the folder where you copied the installation file.
Install the program into your mobile device, then launch it from the list of installed applications. Please note that in the absence of the means of connecting the phone to the computer, you can download the agent using an SMS message or download it from the mobile portal. Enter the connection settings of your operator in the connection settings.

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