How to save on electricity on household items

Kettle. If you look inside the kettle, you can see a large amount of scale. It turns out that it is the one that increases energy consumption by a factor of 2-3, so at least once a week remove scale from the helix. If you buy a new kettle, then try to buy it without a spiral.
Iron. Ironing is done regularly, and therefore a lot of energy is spent. However, the iron is able to keep warm, so turn it off 5 minutes before the end of ironing, the remaining heat is enough to smooth out the rest of things.
Microwave The microwave oven is quite a convenient device, but it spends a lot of heat, so it is advantageous to heat only products weighing up to 500 g in it. The more quantity is cheaper to heat on the stove, and besides, it is faster.
A vacuum cleaner. You need to clean the vacuum cleaner more often, so you have to vacuum less, and therefore save. If you have crumbled cereal or something else, then you can use a broom, it will not take much time and you will not have to carry a vacuum cleaner - both more profitable and more efficient.
Washer.Properly choose the washing mode and time. In addition, do not overload the machine, so is the waste of energy. Look at the labels before washing - this will allow you to choose the right mode.
Fridge. If you have an old refrigerator, or a refrigerator, in which frost forms, it needs to be defrosted once every 2 weeks. This way you can save on electricity not only on the proper power consumption of the device, but also on the fact that you turn it off for a while. Also, do not overload the refrigerator with food, it disrupts its operation.

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