How to save on drugs


The reality of modern life is that most of the time is occupied by work. A person works, sometimes without even thinking about how harmful it is for the organism.

As it works only on the legs, and sedentary - this is an activity that is connected by several factors and can cause diseases. And diseases are drugs and waste of money and their purchase. In some cases, tablets can be spent even more than was earned. But what could be the savings in this case?

The only way out is a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to go out more often to fresh air, frequent movements, refusal of bad habits. This is not a panacea, but health will be better, and the need for medication will be less.

Work pharmacies

If the disease could not be avoided, no need to rush to buy drugs at the nearest pharmacy. It is first necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the prices of each drug in several different pharmacies and networks.Of course, there is a possibility that different medicines prescribed by a doctor will have to be bought in different pharmacies.

Another option to save is to take part in promotions and sales. But here we should not forget about the comparison of prices. For example, in one pharmacy there is a 15 percent discount, but the product, even with this discount, will be 10 percent more expensive.

It is better not to ask pharmacists or a pharmacist for advice on those or other diseases, since it is likely that he will advise rather expensive goods than effective ones.


Regardless of what the doctor prescribed, you should not run after these drugs. The doctor does not specifically prescribe the drug itself, but those of its active substances that the body needs at a given time.

Therefore, you can clarify the availability of cheap analogue. It will be useful to learn about the drug and its analogue on the Internet. There you can find information about the active components of the drug.

Do not be shy - you can ask the doctor about prescribing inexpensive drugs. You can also find out how the written apparatus works and whether it has cheaper analogues. Finally, will it be possible to replace imported means with domestic ones or to refuse them?


And one more tip - you need to collect sales and cash receipts with each purchase of medicines. The fact is that some of them are included in the list of necessary for life, and for them you can get back income tax.

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