How to save on cosmetics - 10 simple rules

Method 1. Discounts and sales

All women love discounts and sales. But how to keep track of this? In fact, everything is simple - browse the sites of cosmetic stores. Remember that sales are usually on the eve of big holidays (New Year, March 8).

Method 2. Discount cards

Discount cards can significantly reduce the cost of cosmetics. As a rule, in large cosmetic stores offer discount cards when buying a certain amount.

Method 3. Subscription

If you are a fan of the brand distributed under the network marketing scheme, then you have a great chance to use their discounts - just become their consultant! You are not obliged to sell cosmetics, but you have the right to use discounts. The main thing do not forget to periodically make purchases.

Method 4. Overseas shopping

It is no secret that abroad the price of perfume products is much more acceptable than ours.Therefore, if your girlfriend is going to go to rest in Europe, do not hesitate to ask her to bring you your favorite fragrance or cosmetics.

Method 5. No chance to chance!

Cosmetics is better to buy a proven, and if suddenly you wanted to experiment, it is better to take the goods you are interested in from friends or read reviews on the Internet. So you will avoid unnecessary spending.

Method 6. Folk remedies

Masks from handy tools such as kefir, cream, oatmeal, eggs are no worse, and maybe even better than expensive store products. On the Internet you can find many different recipes for homemade masks. The result will pleasantly surprise you, and the wallet will be more whole.

Method 7. Nothing more

Surely your cosmetic bag just breaks from the huge abundance of shadows of various shades. And in fact, in fact, only a couple of flowers are used. So do you need these extra expenses for what you do not use?

Method 8. Volumes

No need to chase the price tag and buy large cans of scrubs, masks, nail polishes just because it is “cheaper” small jars. In fact, all this in reality is not so often. As a result, the purchased cosmetics will have an expiration date, and you still do not use it to the end.

Method 9. Plan

Buying cosmetics needs planning.This will help to accommodate all your needs. Make purchases according to the list and do not fall for the temptation to take too much.

Method 10. Compare the composition

Always look at the makeup of the cosmetics you buy. If the composition of your favorite cream is Jojoba oil, then of course, this cream cannot be cheap.

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