How to safely and profitably rent an apartment?

Having your own apartment in any city in the world is an excellent investment, as well as the possibility of obtaining a stable monthly income. The general housing problem has led to the fact that today more and more people are focused on rental housing, since this is the most profitable and acceptable option.
But the real estate market is still a chance of falling into the hands of fraudsters who can cause significant damage to property or even leave the landlord without an apartment.
In order not to fall into a similar situation, it is necessary to take into account some specific requirements:

  1. correctly determine the cost of renting your apartment;
  2. focus on the optimal rental period;
  3. prepare an apartment for occupancy;
  4. make an agreement with tenants.

Each of the points will be a guarantor of not only profitable, but also safe rental.
Having decided to rent a two-room apartment, it is necessary to initially monitor prices that operate in a similar area.This will help to withstand the competition, as well as offer its customers a profitable option. Of course, you should not initially reduce the cost, because before delivery you will also have to make calculations of the cost of utilities, the need to bring the apartment into the proper form for the settlement. In addition, it is necessary to determine the parameters and characteristics of the tenants on which you will orient. Most landlords who want to keep the repair in the apartment, prefer to work together working people, couples who already have similar experience of cooperation.
The lease term in this case also matters, because you can rent a one-room apartment for a long time (from 3 months), but you can also focus on short-term rent. The advantage of the latter option is the possibility of obtaining greater profits, and the disadvantage will be the instability of earnings, as well as the need for constant investments in repairs and interior housing.
Although, in any case, an apartment must be prepared before delivery, because the better her condition, the more expensive it will be on the market.Of course, here it is better to focus on the needs of their customers and their requests. The quality of the repair depends on the rental period.
You should not refuse to conclude a contract with your tenants. Of course, it’s quite easy to rent a one-room apartment in Moscow, but at the same time you want to get it back in proper condition, with working appliances, unspoiled furniture, and so on. In addition, in the contract it will be possible to specify the term of payment of rent and all the conditions important for the settlement.

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