How to return the romance in a relationship with her husband

They are well together, they understand each other from half a word, they have a wonderful baby growing up. Everything is permeated with happiness. Everything goes as it should. But after some time, something in the relationship disappears, disappears. There are no more past emotions, and frightening thoughts start to come to my head: what if it is no longer love, but only a habit?

Why do relationships turn into habit?

It is not love that leaves a relationship, romance leaves, and this happens in most cases. Why is this happening? The fact is that romance is alive and does not require artificial maintenance, while loving people still have where to go and what to strive for in terms of getting closer to each other. After creating a family and the appearance of children in their subconscious mind, this goal is already beginning to be seen as achieved, and the inner vector changes its direction from building relationships to other goals: career, raising children, increasing wealth, etc. Interest in each other gradually fades away, and only sometimes some pleasant moments can warm it up again, but only for a while.

In principle, the loss of romance can be prevented, and this is easier than returning it later. To do this, from the very beginning you need to be prepared for the fact that relationships are work, and without applying the efforts directed at them all this euphoric mood sooner or later will decline, the holidays will be replaced by everyday routine, and everyday issues will start to force out thoughts of each other. To prevent this, one should avoid the “Groundhog Day”, make everyday life varied, try to constantly surprise each other and give as many positive emotions as possible to one’s partner.

If the moment is missed, the romance is already gone, and it becomes clear that this is an indisputable fact, then to return it you can resort to advice from psychological and women's magazines, for example, to have a dinner in an intimate setting, relax together in nature, go on vacation. It all sounds great, but the pitfall lies in the following: perhaps only one of the partners wants to re-fill the relationship with notes of romance, and the other is satisfied, and he doesn’t even notice that something goes wrong in their pair. Suppose a wife makes a new hairstyle, puts on a seductive peignoir, covers dinner by candlelight,and for her husband who came home, it will not cause anything but internal irritation and the feeling that something is being imposed on him.

How to make a relationship again romantic?

Before embarking on the use of women's tricks and the implementation in practice of various tips, you should work on yourself and your attitude to your husband and to the situation:

• Be understanding. If he did not appreciate your steps towards rapprochement, then this does not mean that he no longer loves you. Perhaps your spouse has a head full of thoughts about work, especially if there is something wrong with him or there are some problems.

• Even if, because of the coldness of the husband and the offenses arising from this, it is still difficult for you to understand him internally and to sincerely imbued with his situation, then at least do not show your displeasure, do not be capricious, do not express complaints and do not beg attention. Let your spouse know that you value his presence in your life and support him.

When you feel that you succeed, and that the spouse becomes more open and more inclined towards you, then you can try something else:

1) Play together, fool around like children, without thinking about anything.It will relax you and bring you closer.

2) Do not overlook role-playing games that will help re-awaken and develop sensuality in your relationship. Here you can also include making love outside the home: you can rent a room in a hotel, go to your country house, entrusting your friends or parents with children, there are many options - there would be a desire.

3) Flirt with your husband. Let it initially seem unnatural after many years together, but you will gradually get a taste, and he will certainly appreciate it. Let a man feel like a hunter.

4) Be direct and amaze him. For example, leave a note with a confession of feelings or a romantic invitation among his business papers and documents.

5) It is very important to be always sincere and do everything for your husband and for the relationship from the heart.

In addition, you need to constantly devote time to self-development and work on yourself, to become better, wiser, kinder, deeper, more interesting. If people are books, then you need to write yours faster than your husband can read it, so that he can always discover something new in you.

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