How to retire to get an apartment

You will need
  • - statement;
  • - A package of documents for enqueuing.
To queue your family for a social apartment, contact the district administration. Each municipality has the Department of Housing Policy, which accepts documents from citizens and is considering placing them on the queue.
You must confirm the level of your income and the income of your family members. To do this, contact the Pension Fund and get a unified certificate form 2-NDFL. If someone from your family is working, this certificate will be issued at the place of work. Students, students can get a document confirming the scholarship at the place of study.
Comprehensive income includes not only direct cash payments, but also the value of valuable property, so if you havean apartment, car, garden or cottage, other valuable property, you will need a certificate confirming its value.
In addition, you must confirm that your housing does not meet the social standards for one person or you do not have housing. In the first case, you will need an act of the housing commission to examine the housing for 5 years, in the second - a certificate of the absence of housing from the BTI and the regcenter.
It is also necessary to present a certificate of family composition, an extract from the personal account and the house register, which is drawn up in the housing department. You fill in the application in the Department, as it has a unified form.
Terms of consideration of the submitted documents will not exceed 30 calendar days. If your family is registered and found to be in need of better living conditions or housing, you will receive a written message. Every year you are required to submit new documents confirming your right to housing.
Disabled people who belong to the list of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as citizens living under the same roof with people whose diseases are socially dangerous, are placed on the preferential list.
Persons with disabilities, participants in the Great Patriotic War and hostilities in the zone of armed conflict, as well as citizens whose status is equal to them have the right to an extraordinary receiving housing.The same right is granted to citizens affected by natural disasters and catastrophes.

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