How to restore hair after braids

The hairstyle called “African braids” that came to us from the countries of Africa and America still does not lose its relevance. It is popular with both young people and children. However, many say that after removing the braids, the condition of the hair has deteriorated dramatically. Why is this happening and how to restore hair after braids?

Beauty requires sacrifice

Any braids, extensions and similar procedures with hair impair the blood circulation of the scalp due to insufficient cleansing and strong tightening. For this reason, the hair follicles are fed in insufficient quantities and fall out, the so-called hair rubbing gives a similar effect. The longer the hair will be laid in such a hairstyle, the worse it will be with their beauty and strength later. That is why, after getting rid of African braids, the first thing to do is to restore normal blood circulation in the scalp and start treating the hair with high-quality, gentle agents.
How to restore hair after braids? It is better to choose shampoos without lauryl sulfates, salts of EDTA, minerals and other refined products. The ideal option is to buy natural detergents based on medicinal plants - nettles, turns, chamomile, and so on. Any balm, even very expensive and effective, in no case can not be applied to the roots of the hair, because in this case on the surface of the scalp appears fat-forming film that prevents the feeding of the bulb.

How to return the former beauty

Warming and circulating masks that stimulate blood circulation are very effective. They can both buy and cook at home. The latter is even preferable, because it will turn out completely natural and useful product. This mask has proven itself well: mix one teaspoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of onion juice, 1 raw egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of burdock, almond or any oil and one ampoule of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. Mix everything, put on the hair roots and wash off after 15-20 minutes.
This treatment can be supplemented with massage. It gives an amazing result: in just 10 days it will be possible to restore the hair after the braids and stop their intensive loss.You can often massage the scalp, but you should not abuse treatment procedures - your hair needs rest, it doesn’t hurt to trim them a little. If you can not find a natural shampoo, you should contact the means of traditional medicine. For example, use a mixture of an egg and steamed black bread as a shampoo, and use a mixture of onion peel or water with lemon juice or a little vinegar as a balsam-rinse.

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