How to repair pants

You will need
  • - thread;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - lightning;
  • - rasparivat;
  • - iron;
  • - fabric, similar to trouser.
To begin with, determine exactly how the thing has suffered and what may be needed for the repair. Pick up the necessary tools, pieces of fabric and get to work.
If the lightning breaks in your trousers, you need to do the following. Gently float the zipper out of the fly. Do this very carefully, being careful not to damage the fabric. To do this, you can use a special tool - a ripper.
Then remove all threads and iron the pants at the point where the zipper was removed. This is done in order to minimize the holes from the old zipper. If steaming with an iron does not help, wash the pants by hand.
After that, tack on a new zipper and try on the pants. If the zipper fits and fastens, stitch the zipper on a typewriter, then remove the basting. Pants ready.
If the pants are denim, and the bottom of the trousers is worn out, then this problem can be solved in several ways. The most cardinal way is to make long capri trousers.To do this, gently fold the pants and trim the edges smoothly. Then bend and process on a typewriter.
The next way to repair the edges of the trousers is to put them in a similar fabric. To do this, cut the edges, and then sew a pre-cut piece of fabric that looks like trouser fabric. In order to not see the seam, make the pants with a lapel.
If denim trousers are worn out at the bottom, then for stylish and fearless you can work these edges with the help of iron zips. Cut the threads from the edges of the jeans and sew iron zippers cut to the inside of the legs so that the teeth peeking out from under the trousers. It looks very stylish. But do not wear shoes made of soft leather, metal teeth will scratch it.

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